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Love in the age of Technology

On Parish Island off the cost of Virginia there is a company called Blue Chip. This company deals in all software and hardware and all things related to computers.

Several hundred of people work here. Among them is a software engineer Rohit, who iss very tall dark and handsome and about 30 years of age. He works in this company and was a very good worker. He does not talk much but is the idol for all the women that worked for Blue Chip.

Anna, was also a software engineering who has recently joined the company, she has come from Bangalore in India. She is a very friendly young lady. Since she was new she was taken around and was introduced to all the staff by her Manager.

Anna was introduced to Rohit as they were to make team and work together on a given project. She found him to be a very cool calm person. He spoke very less and worked very hard. Anna noticed that he rarely spoke to her unless required. It was one of those days when they had to work late. Anna was tired of constantly sit…