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As I sit by my office window,
and watch the setting sun,
my thoughts begin to wander
to thoughts about you
Of how I first met you
and how different you were.

We had so much to talk about,
and so much to share.

Now as time as elapsed,
I see a different you,
I see a you - as one who is playing hard to get,

You said you were my friend
but is just fooling around
and playing with my emotions,
can there be another you?
can I find that you whom I met
a few months ago?
I guess no.

I see you have time for everyone,
but no time for me,
is it because -
I am from a different planet
as you may think?
Or is it because I am married?
Can she not have a soul mate?

Whever I have asked you out,
You are too busy or have a lame excuse
When I ask you to reply to my mail,
you have not time and have lot to do
When I convey my feelings
You have nothing to say.

All I can say is that,
I wont bother you anymore
and ask you no more questions,
send you no more emails
that would need a reply
All I wanted to just say to you

Thank you for being a True…

Is this Love or Passion?

Passion is a horse that knows no master,
And I cannot with fences make it stay.
It must run free towards daylight or disaster,
Away to a new day .
So I must say what you don't want to hear,
But it's a truth that both of us must bear.

For us life passes like a dream,
Revealing only what is on our minds.

I don't understand what happened to us
Or why you have turned away.

Guess you are playing Hard to get?
Of course you are free to do as you like,
But first I have something to say.

To me it had seemed we could go on forever,
So close were our hearts, and at ease,

I want you to know that your friendship,
I treasure, and would not now end.
If you would be willing to turn to embrace me,
You'd find in me still a good friend.

How can I tell you what I feel for you?
When I think of you my feelings twist inside

I write to let you know I always think about you,
Lest you not decipher how I feel.
Our friendship gives me courage to reveal
Vain hopes I've long since harbored silent for you.
Even though…

In Silence

Silence awakens the sleeping seeker in me,
Silence enlightens the aspiring seeker in me.
Silence fulfils the self-giving seeker in me

His Silence has awoken me,
his silence disturbed me,
his silence brought another
silence into my life

Silence is word that cannot be spoken
but can be felt!

An Ode to my friend

The day I met you
I found a friend -
And a friendship that
I pray will never end.
Your smile - so sweet
And your talks -Kept me going
When day was as dark as night
You made life seem so good.
There were times when we didn't see eye to eye
And there were days when both of us were too busy

Circumstances are pulling us apart,
We are separated by many things.
Truly, the only thing that keeps me going
Is my treasured memory of your mischivous smile.

This friendship we share
Is so precious to me,
I hope it grows and flourishes
And lasts unto infinity.

Our friendship is one-in-a-million
So let's hold on to it and each other.
We cannot let this chance of pure bliss fly away
For there will never be another.