Monday, March 26, 2007

I write

I have fallen in love
But I want to make sure its all so true
I dont want to live alone
I need you to prove it to me

Since you came back to me
I need you to


Like I write

I write
to you every day
and put the paper away
afraid you throw it away
when you see it
for am not sure
if you really love me !

I sit back and think
Did I make a mistake of loving you
Did I make mistake of waiting for you
I am lost in this world of blues
I was happy when you came back
into mylife

I smiled and the world smiled at me
I cried but the world laughed at me
They said go out - its wide world out there
Yet I loved you and waited for you
But alas I learnt now that its of no use
The wait, the love is all a waste
So I do now is to

I wirte about the past
I write about the present
I write about the future
I write whatever comes to my mind
But now all I do is when
I think of you is to

I write
Because I cannot hide
myfeelings so true
I write cos' I am feelingso blue
I write cos' my love for you
was so true

I write
Because I am hurt
Because I want to cry
Because you have left me for another

I writeTo wish you luck with the other
To wish her luck too
To wish you both luck

I sigh as
I write

Sunday, March 25, 2007

Missing Him

Its been a few days since he's gone
And I have already begun to miss him
As I sit by window and watch the sun setting,
My mind begins to wander
Of the lovely days that we spent together on chat
I miss him every single day .

Why is this happenig to me!
I find no interest in my day to day work.
Is this called infactuation!
He is only a friend to me.
Is it because we share the mostintimate chats,
Is it because we share our lifes on chat,
His absence is driving me crazy.

Can anyone tell me why?
He told me that she is aware,
That we are chatting and does not care.
He wants us to stay friends forever
He's been happy being friends....till now
Its been a few days since he's gone
And I have already begun to miss him
As I sit by window and watch the sun setting,
My mind begins to wander
Of the lovely days that we spent together on chat
I miss him every single day .

Why is this happenig to me!
I find no interest in my day to day work.
Is this called infactuation!
He is only a friend to me.
Is it because we share the mostintimate chats,
Is it because we share our lifes on chat,
His absence is driving me crazy.

Can anyone tell me why?
He told me that she is aware,
That we are chatting and does not care.
He wants us to stay friends forever
He's been happy being friends....till now

I write -

She showed me how to hold the pen
And taught me my first words so
I write

You said I will never leave you,for another -
but you did
I am lonely and broken hearted,
And stand speechless all alone - so
I'll write

And when my heart breaks
I cry
When no shoulder to cry on
With my tears
I write

My imaginations run wild
Have no control on it
I write

Pick up the newspaper to read
But find it better to reply So
I write

The phone rings
I dont want to answer
I'm totally lost,Coz,
I write.

Thank you BWM
I accept what you say So
I write

I opened the dictionary to find a word
I found it - so
I write

The days work is over
My mind is rid of work So
I write

The weekend is here
Feel like partying
But dont want to miss the thread so
I write

Have a nice weekend
But dont forget this thread
Come back to thread and say So
I write

Back from the long weekend
dont know where to start
Then I remember so
I comeback to this lovely thread and
I write

I have work to do
And memos to send
I have lots of work to do
but before all that
I write

Thursday, March 22, 2007

A break away from home

We were just friends, he said hey since you and I needed this break then why don’t we go away together. It was then we decided we needed a break away from home. , but where to go what to do and whom shall we go with came the next question. We both asked each other at the same time “Why don’t we go together”?So we decided to go up north where there is a lovely place with the river flowing and the mountain in the back drop was just the place we would like to be. So the next weekend off we went, he drove me as I don’t drive. It was a two hour drive so we started early in the morning so that we don’t get too much sun and could reach the place by mid morning. We were rather quite and guess each lost in our own world. But all of a sudden he turned to me and said hey what are you thinking and it was that instant when I too turned and asked him the same question. Funny but we both smiled at one another and said nothing. We spoke for sometime and again the silence fell and we were again lost in our thoughts. It was an hour since we were driving. Since he had to fill up on gas we took a short break. Then after we finished with the Gas station we just pulled up the car to the side of the road and got out the car to stretch for a while, here the view was amazing, we could already see the mountains the air seemed too smell so sweet and there was this cold draft of wind that came from time to time. I felt I missed something and just folded my hands and stood. I found my friend staring at me, he asked me if I was feeling cold, I said no and said it was that cold draft that made me feel cold. We went back into the car and drove until we reached our destination.The hotel that we checked in was lovely and had the most amazing view. It was situated a top a mountain, the drive up to it was simply too beautiful to explain. The long winding drive with all its turns and bends and the trees that were planted all along the road were in full bloom. At the hotel we learnt there were no single rooms so we checked in a double room, at first I was a bit hesitant to stay with him in the same room, but then had no choice and since they said they would give us two beds it was okay. We went in had a wash changed and then decided to just tour around the place. The place was like an old laid back village but because of the scenery the place was full of tourists and we among them had come to take a break here. After an hour of touring around, we were getting hungry so headed straight back to the hotel. The hotel was really full so we went into our rooms, ordered some lunch. We had a nice balcony and the view from it was simply fabulous. He asked if I would like something to drink, I said yeah vodka with orange juice topped with ice was just ideal. I took a book and sat reading until our drinks & lunch came. We had a quick lunch and then just sat drinking and talking for such along time that we had forgotten that it had become dark, the scene was ever so romantic, the hotel had candle lights lit everywhere and on every balcony there was a light that we did not bother to turn on as there was enough light coming.We kept talking until the wee hours of the morning; it was getting colder by the hour, so I grabbed my shawl. It was rather strange that he and I could keep talking and talking and then suddenly I felt him move a little closer to me, I did not mind as I was feeling cold and I could feel the warmth of his body. That masculine scent that he wore was really getting me turned on. He just looked at me as if to say oops sorry I looked back and him and smiled.It may have been the smile but then we just got talking more intimately about our life and different things that were happening. He drew more closely to me and slowly he put his warm arms around me, by this time I sure needed a hug as I found my self crying. Well I don’t know if it was the vodka or his story or just the two of so lonely and needed each other to cry on. He held me tight and the next moment we were kissing so passionately and then made love. We were too lost to realize it was dawn, we both slept so peacefully and when we woke up, it was mid morning, strangely we both woke up at the same time and just smiled at each other (sheepishly).We realized what we had done but were happy that it had happened. We then took a shower had some brunch and decided to go on a long drive by the seaside. During this drive we were a quite again and of course we were lost thinking of the previous night. It was getting little dark so we stopped by a clove. It was one breath taking view from the clove. We could see the wide sea and the sea gulls flying. In the distance were the fishermen. As I was leaning on the rock, he just turned towards me, he gently put his big arms around my waist drew me close and asked me as he was playing with my hair if what had happened on the previous night was wrong I could not say anything as I knew that we both enjoyed every moment of this ecstasy, he looked into my eyes to find an answer, I asked him what he felt, he too just smiled at me and said I will cherish the memory of this lovely day forever, with this we got back into the car and drove back home.That was a lovely break away from home with my friend and me.

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Lost Love Found Again - Part II

The following week she left for her aunt house in Bombay. Her aunt was surprised to see her and how she had become so quite. She would just sit in the balcony and stare at the road down and not talk to anyone unless spoken too. Days, weeks and months passed by, she would take a book to read or just write. She became a very emotional and sensitive girl and started hating men in general. Her aunt tried to send her to college but she kind of refused. She would see her cousins going, but was not very keen, then one day it so happened that she just decided that she wanted to go back to college, her aunt was very happy and got her admission with the other cousins. She told her niece that this time she must be more careful as to whom she chooses as a friend as there are many boys in the college, and gave her some advice, with a smile on her face, she told her aunt “don’t worry I hate all men and to shy to be bitten by another love bug.

She finished college but when she was in her final year she lost her father. She was the oldest of the three girls and so decided to work. Between work and college she met another young man and was afraid to tell her aunt at first, but since her cousin had already let the cat out of the bag she told her aunt about him. Her aunty asked her to bring him home. So the following week he accompanied her to her aunty house. She introduced Noel to her aunt and the rest at home. They all liked him instantly, she was very happy. While her aunt was talking to him she went in and was telling her cousins about him and how she had met him.

Their friendship carried on for almost six to seven years, and one day they decided to get married. They are now happily married it’s been 12 years and they have two lovely kids too.

She also joins Noel in the Gulf and then one day – while in the Gulf she one day happens to bump into Ricky her first love. Imagine what she felt, she was shocked to see him for he stopped her and wanted to talk to her, but she refused as she was now married and did not want to have anything to do with him. He kept pestering her until she spoke to him. She dared not tell her husband that she had met him and that he lived close to where they lived. She learnt that he too was married and had two children too. Life went on, after a couple of years she and husband and children moved to another country. She got a job and was working as a Manager. One day when she opened her mail, she was surprised to see his name and was shocked how he had managed to get her email address.

She was scared but was curious to know what was written so she opened his mail, and all he had said “Hi, how are you and the family?” She was not sure if should reply or not but first love is first love, she replied to him. Ever since that day they are both in touch with one another. He chats with everyday and every time he gets an opportunity. They chat for hours together and really talk and exchange very intimate things between them. She just cannot forget him and it’s the same with him. She tried to ask him why he left her for another but he has no answer and just tells her that he is glad that they are friends again would cherish this friendship forever. She laughs.

To feel that vanished years have not estranged us, distance has not diminish love; although they are apart there is still that chemistry that is happening. to feel again the fondness, to hear once more the accents of his voice which to me had been for years so still,--a voice that brings with it the gush of memory! Past days flit before us; feelings, thoughts, hope, we deemed were dead, all rise again, and summoned by that secret witchery, the well-remembered though long silent voice.

Oh, time, and grief, and blighted hope, in its undimmed and joyous beauty, its glow of generous feelings, its bright anticipations, all, all again be ours.

Once when I was young and true, someone left me sad-
Broke my brittle heart in two;
And that was very bad.
Love is for unlucky folk.
Love is but a curse.
But now her love is back!

Lost Love Found Again - Part I

She had just finished with high school and was planning to join college.
She was a very quiet girl and was brought up by her grandmother. She was very simple and shy and always kept to her work and her hobbies. She used to collect coins, stamps, cartoons characters, and all sorts of nick knacks that were of interest to her. She had a good collection of novels too as she loved reading.

It was one of those days when she was busy sorting out her stamps when
there was a knock on the door, when she opened the door she saw two young boys standing at the door, one was her sister's friend whom she recognized but who was the other, she wondered. Well she greeted them in and there were introductions. Since it was her sister's friends , she went back to her collection. While she was sitting in the far end of the hall, she could feel someone coming towards her, and when she looked up , it was Ricky. He came up to her and says
"Hi, is stamp collecting your hobby" and she shyly answered yes. He said "I also collect stamps maybe we could exchange our collections", and he told her that some of the stamps that she had were bent and would be of no use.

Ever since that day he would accompany his friend to her house. He seemed to be very interested in her. One fine day, he approached her grandmother and asked her if he could take her out. The grandmother although being very strict agreed, as she found this boy to be good. She told her granddaughter "he likes you so why don't you go out with him". She was very shy and refused but relented after much persuasion from her sister and granny.

Then It happened once that Ricky and his maiden beheld each other in a public assembly for the first time…He gazed with great delight upon the beautiful face until he caught her eye…And, oh, how blessed is it thus to meet! Their friendship carried on for few months, after which he went back to the Rigs where he was working and she continued with her college. They would correspond regularly and both were in love with each other only through their letters, then came December and there was no mail. She would wait for the postman to come, but he would smile at her and say "no mail today".

She was getting very restless and did not know what to do, she kept writing to him but it seemed of no avail. She never knew what had gone wrong and why he had all of sudden stop writing to her.

Summer vacation had come; knowing that his brother was going to meet him, she gave him a letter and asked him to let her know what happened. She was getting very worried and two months passed yet no news from him.
Then his brother returned and all that he said to her was "just forget my brother and carry on with your life". She was hurt and upset. Soon, she started falling ill and was wondering where she had gone wrong. She truly loved him and never did anything to hurt him, then why was she being treated in this way. She did not do too well in her exams, due to the heartbreak. It took a toll on her health, she was sick. Her grandmother got worried and called up her aunt and told her the situation. They told the grandmother to pack her things and to send her to Bombay.

Monday, March 19, 2007

A Lovely Dream

It was warm spring day, the air smelt so sweet, so I just decided to take a walk in the garden, the flowers smelling so sweet and the roses in full bloom, the May flower stood bright orange and the grass all green.

I sat on the garden bench and was lost in a magical world. He came and sat down besides me, we sat talking for hours before we saw the time, the skylight shone bright with the trillions of stars shinning brightly above us. The moon was in full bloom. Everything around looked so heavenly. He whispered sweet nothings in my ear and we chatted away the whole night long.

It was getting late so we went inside the house and sat by the fireside. It felt like one magical night. I brought out the best wine and sat the two glasses down, we drank and nibbled as crisps, we chuckled at the jokes we made and forgot how time was flying by. He whispered in my ear, and touched my lips and said that they felt so hot, as he touched me, my body ran a shiver he said that I looked beautiful tonight than ever before. He ran his fingers through my hair and smelt it and let it fall on his face. His body felt very hot, we knew we both wanted one another, he just pulled me into his arms, caressed me until I was I asking for more. I said I don’t want anyone just you. The heat was raising the fire dimmed and we were at the height of ecstasy and when I turned to grab him, I fell of my bed.

I was breathing hard there was no one it was just my dream. I still live for the moments I have only dreamt about.

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Pre-Party Preparation

All the chicken ran away
The rice field burnt to ashes
The vegetables in the garden got rotten
all that is left is the
Pitta bread and Humos

Oh worms were found in the Pepsi cans in AUH
And soda has too much gas
Coke will give you a stroke
Fresh orange jiuce has gone stale,

Alas what is left
Is just whiskey, wine n Vodka all good for the soul!

An Ode to a teacher

Drink hot coffee
Drink hot Tea
Burn your lips and remember me

Roses are red
Violets are blue
The grass is green
And to the teachers
I say I like you

The sky is blue
The sea is clear
My thoughts for you Anu teacher
Are very clear
I respect you
For you are very dear!

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

My Silent Admirer

Who does not have one today? I remember the times when I was younger I had so many admirers. I used to get flowers, cards from people I never knew or perhaps met and who had a soft corner for me but had never admitted it to me. Now to think of it that now that I am much older I still do have one who is so romantic. I love and wait for his calls to come.

The moment the phone goes rrrring rrring and I see the number on the phone my voice softens as it is he my silent admirer. My heart does miss a small beat too. Anyone can see that naughty smile on my face when I am talking to him and they would ask me is he your silent admirer.

He talks to me so many things, we share our daily trivia’s, jokes, but at the end of it all he will not admit that he has that special soft corner for me.

We are both married and with kids. No harm done,guess its human nature to just like or to admire that someone. His talks are so interesting that he comes to that point of saying that sweet things to me and then just backs off like the Fizz of the Soda.

He sends me mails and I send him mails, we chat everyday and have so much fun. Strange when we were together we had fought almost everyday but now that we are apart we miss each other so much that although we don’t show it – there is that special feeling that we have for each other. There is a chemistry that is happening.

Oops there goes the phone again….cannot see the number now!

In short I say – “Always yield to temptation, for it may never cross your path again.

Absence makes the Heart grow fonder

We had been happily married for over five years and he had to leave as soon as we got married.

It was now time for him to return Oh! Yeah I remember that day... the wait was too long,” he is coming back", I said to myself. On the previous day, I had gone to the salon and made myself look the best as I could.

I was now in the airport, eagerly waiting for him Time wasn't flying, so I grabbed the newspaper but just could not get down to reading it. I was disturbed, and was filled with thoughts about him, his face and was wondering how its going to be and how we are gong to react to one another, it's been five long years of separation, he on the rigs and me at home doing a part time job as a free lancer for a small news paper.

Finally I heard the voice on the microphone announcing the arrival of the Boeing; my heart began to pound faster. I got up from my seat and went to the balcony from where one could see the plane landing and the people arriving. It was very crowded; I saw the expressions on everyone's face. There was a mother who was anxiously waiting to see her children, then a sister waiting to see her brother, there were a group of young teenagers who were waiting for another group teenagers arriving and here was me, trying to squeeze my way into that crowd.
I got pushed twice, I just said sorry and moved away.

There was this lil' old man sitting on the chair who had an anxious look on his face. I knew that he too like me was waiting to get into the crowd but he dared to. I just waited my turn, till I got my chance to get closer to the glass, I was thrilled and felt like a little girl. I felt sorry for the old man and hoped he would look at me and I would call him and give him my place, I was afraid that if I moved I would lose that place. I tried to draw his attention but it was of no use, he just sat there calmly. I gave up and then as I turned I could see him coming, began waving my hand like as if he could se me through the glass.

I hurried to the customs where I could get a better view of him coming out. I stood there just squeezing my fingers and very impatient. I had worn his favorite suit which he had sent me the year before he could come, blue in color. Finally his turn came he handed his passport for stamping and then went o pick up his Baggage and was walking out the gangway, I ran to him. He just dropped his bags and hugged me so tight that I almost suffocated. Tears of joy rolled down my eyes, I could see all the people staring at us. He then put his arm around me, picked up his baggage and we came out. There he stood staring at me, I knew he had a lot to say, but was waiting for the right moment. We hailed a taxi got into it and drove home. We were rather quiet in the taxi. I thought that I would not stop talking when I saw him but it was the other way round, we were very quite until we got home.

As he went in to get changed I got he meals ready, I had cooked his favorite dishes of Chilly chicken and Dhal.

He got changed and came down. I had my back turned but I could feel his breath as I turned and before I could say anything he kissed me and he held me so tight and we were lost in the world of our own. He made love to me until the early hours, we were left so exhausted but it was his way and of course the wait was too long. I could see the sun peeping in through the curtains, so I just snuggled closer to him. I had missed him so much and just realized it when I was looking at his naked body sprawled on the bed. I just pulled the sheets over us and holding him tight tried to remember the first day when we got married and how time had passed by and he had now come back.

He stirred and woke up he looked at me and smiled and whispered in my ear as to how much he had missed me and everyday was a like a year for him. I wanted to get up but he just held me more closer and said don't get up lets lie here I have missed you so much that time is very precious and every moment that I missed I need to cherish.

We were in a haven of our own!

Thursday, March 8, 2007

A Woman Breasts

It is important for women to become familiar with the normal anatomy and physiology (function) of their breasts so that they can recognize early signs of possible abnormalities. This section outlines basic information on breast composition, development, and typical changes from puberty to pregnancy to menopause.

Breast Composition

The breast is a mass of glandular, fatty, and fibrous tissues positioned over the pectoral muscles of the chest wall and attached to the chest wall by fibrous strands called Cooper’s ligaments. A layer of fatty tissue surrounds the breast glands and extends throughout the breast. The fatty tissue gives the breast a soft consistency.

The glandular tissues of the breast house the lobules (milk producing glands at the ends of the lobes) and the ducts (milk passages). Toward the nipple, each duct widens to form a sac (ampulla). During lactation, the bulbs on the ends of the lobules produce milk. Once milk is produced, it is transferred through the ducts to the nipple.
The breast is composed of:
milk glands (lobules) that produce milk
ducts that transport milk from the milk glands (lobules) to the nipple
areola (pink or brown pigmented region surrounding the nipple)
connective (fibrous) tissue that surrounds the lobules and ducts
Arteries carry oxygen rich blood from the heart to the chest wall and the breasts and veins take de-oxygenated blood back to the heart. The axillary artery extends from the armpit and supplies the outer half of the breast with blood; the internal mammary artery extends down from neck and supplies the inner portion of the breast.

Initial Breast Development

Human breast tissue begins to develop in the sixth week of fetal life. Breast tissue initially develops along the lines of the armpits and extends to the groin (this is called the milk ridge). By the ninth week of fetal life, it regresses (goes back) to the chest area, leaving two breast buds on the upper half of the chest. In females, columns of cells grow inward from each breast bud, becoming separate sweat glands with ducts leading to the nipple. Both male and female infants have very small breasts and actually experience some nipple discharge during the first few days after birth.
Female breasts do not begin growing until puberty—the period in life when the body undergoes a variety of changes to prepare for reproduction. Puberty usually begins for women around age 10 or 11. After pubic hair begins to grow, the breasts will begin responding to hormonal changes in the body. Specifically, the production of two hormones, estrogen and progesterone, signal the development of the glandular breast tissue. This initial growth of the breast may be somewhat painful for some girls. During this time, fat and fibrous breast tissue becomes more elastic. The breast ducts begin to grow and this growth continues until menstruation begins (typically one to two years after breast development has begun). Menstruation prepares the breasts and ovaries for potential pregnancy.

Breast Size, Appearance, and Changes Over Time

The size and shape of women’s breasts varies considerably. Some women have a large amount of breast tissue, and therefore, have large breasts. Other women have a smaller amount of tissue with little breast fat.
Factors that may influence a woman’s breast size include:
Volume of breast tissue
Family history
Weight loss or gain
History of pregnancies and lactation
Thickness and elasticity of the breast skin
Degree of hormonal influences on the breast (particularly estrogen and progesterone)
A woman’s breasts are rarely balanced (symmetrical). Usually, one breast is slightly larger or smaller, higher or lower, or shaped differently than the other. The size and characteristics of the nipple also vary greater from one woman to another. In some women, the nipples are constantly erect. In others, they will only become erect when stimulated by cold or touch. Some women also have inverted (turned in) nipples. Inverted nipples are not a cause for concern unless the condition is a new change. Since there are hair follicles around the nipple, hair on the breast is not uncommon.
The nipple can be flat, round, or cylindrical in shape. The color of the nipple is determined by the thinness and pigmentation of its skin. The nipple and areola (pigmented region surrounding the nipple) contain specialized muscle fibers that respond to stimulation to make the nipple erect. The areola also houses the Montgomery’s gland that may appear as tiny, raised bumps on the surface of the areola. The Montgomery’s gland helps lubricate the areola. When the nipple is stimulated, the muscle fibers will contract, the areola will pucker, and the nipples become hard.
Breast shape and appearance undergo a number of changes as a woman ages. In young women, the breast skin stretches and expands as the breasts grow, creating a rounded appearance. Young women tend to have denser breasts (more glandular tissue) than older women.

Wednesday, March 7, 2007

Short Story - Bus Stop Stranger

I was at the bus stand one day and saw this handsome man standing in my wayHe looked so good and charming, that any lady would give him the second look.Even though I was tempted to say hello,I dint, instead just stood staring at himThe bus came but neither of us moved. Alas,we were left alone on the stop, and I sneaked a look at him from the corner of my eyes And found that he had a worried look and kept looking at his watchHe looked at me as if to ask me something, and I took this opportunity to say hello to him. He just smiled at me, but did not reciprocate my greetings. I found it all so strange and just then a car drove up to where we were,he then looked at me again as if to say bye ,got into the car and left. That day I could not stop thinking of this handsome man and hoped I meet him again someday. Days and weeks passed by, but yet I could not stop thinking of him, I wonder why – what was so special about him. That evening as I went to the café I saw this advertisement in the newspaper and a vacancy for a Administration Manager. I decided to apply for the job as my qualification and experience matched the advertisement, I then sent my CV by email. I was just getting out of the café when all of a sudden I saw him standing there, this time the urge to go up to him grew stronger. As I was about to approach him, I noticed a young lady walk upto him, exchange pleasantries and he then pulled up the chair next to him for her to be seated. They two seemed to be so locked in their conversations, so much so that he dint even me passing by . I am getting restless and wanting to know who he is and how she is related to him. I see the waiter approaching him, he greets the lady and offers her the menu. The trio gets talking; she does not take the menu but asks for two coffees. I feel that the waiter knows them, so out of curiosity I call the waiter and ask him about them. He then tells me mam ‘don’t you know Sir’ he is the owner of this company and owns the entire place around here. I leave. The next day I get a call from the company that I had applied. I was scheduled to meet the CEO at 11:00 am., so I get dressed and go to get the bus, and there again I cant stop thinking about him. I reach the office with 10 minutes to spare, so go the washroom to freshen up and straighten my hair which was all in a mess. I am a bit nervous, as the time is approaching. The receptionist tells me that I am called. I knock on the door and enter and there I see my handsome man sitting in front of me. I am at a loss of words(when all along I was longing to talk to him). He asks me to sit, and make myself comfortable (but now I want to run away). My hands began to shiver as I handed my papers to him. He asks me not to be nervous. With the corner of my eyes I see him scanning my papers and I scan the office. A lovely office with dim lights and his table made of teak dark wood, stood so elegantly. There was a vase of fresh flowers on the side table and a sofa set facing the window. A small fridge stood in the corner of the room and next it stood the stand to hold his suit. On a shelf nearby stood a picture of a couple, I was dying to see it but could not as it was too far from where I sat. He said my name and I must have been lost for that moment, for he touched my hand to draw my attention. I said sorry, he just smiled at me and told me that he would like to see me again the next day. I got up to go he stood up and shook my hands. His palms felt so soft and had that strong hold. I would have loved to have stood holding it forever and looking into his eyes. I quickly withdrew and began to move, when he said you need not worry as you have been selected but we need to discuss further so he asked to see me again saying this he walked me to the door. I could smell the very masculine perfume that he had worn. I came out of his office with grin on my face, I found the receptionist staring at me, like as if she knew what happened inside. I felt his eyes on my back and thought I would stumble while walking. I came out of the building and took a deep breath. Tomorrow is another new day! Phew~~

Monday, March 5, 2007

Action Hero

Hi this was ages ago,but I was travelling by the local train in Bombay. I was with my hubby (then boy friend) and entered the gents compartment with him.

We were given a place to sit and I respect the men in that compartment who offered a seat to the standing couple.(thas us)

But as we were nearing the station we decided to stand by the door in order to exit as soon as the train stopped, but guess what out of nowhere came this stupid uncouth charcater and touched me at the back, at first I ignored him thinking he just did it by mistake but then no he tried it the second time, this time that was the limit, without even saying a word to anyone I just turned around and slapped him, same time th train to came to a halt at the station, he just jumped from the train and ran for his life. He knew he had done wrong and that all there were watching him,.

Many of the people there were stunnned to see me that I did it all of a sudden and with no warning whatsoever. My hubby was proud of me and oops I too was very proud. I did manage to tell the cops there but seemed of no avail as they just brushed the situation of as it seems things happens everyday.

Many complimented me to all the people there and said hope more woman could me like me.