A break away from home

We were just friends, he said hey since you and I needed this break then why don’t we go away together. It was then we decided we needed a break away from home. , but where to go what to do and whom shall we go with came the next question. We both asked each other at the same time “Why don’t we go together”?So we decided to go up north where there is a lovely place with the river flowing and the mountain in the back drop was just the place we would like to be. So the next weekend off we went, he drove me as I don’t drive. It was a two hour drive so we started early in the morning so that we don’t get too much sun and could reach the place by mid morning. We were rather quite and guess each lost in our own world. But all of a sudden he turned to me and said hey what are you thinking and it was that instant when I too turned and asked him the same question. Funny but we both smiled at one another and said nothing. We spoke for sometime and again the silence fell and we were again lost in our thoughts. It was an hour since we were driving. Since he had to fill up on gas we took a short break. Then after we finished with the Gas station we just pulled up the car to the side of the road and got out the car to stretch for a while, here the view was amazing, we could already see the mountains the air seemed too smell so sweet and there was this cold draft of wind that came from time to time. I felt I missed something and just folded my hands and stood. I found my friend staring at me, he asked me if I was feeling cold, I said no and said it was that cold draft that made me feel cold. We went back into the car and drove until we reached our destination.The hotel that we checked in was lovely and had the most amazing view. It was situated a top a mountain, the drive up to it was simply too beautiful to explain. The long winding drive with all its turns and bends and the trees that were planted all along the road were in full bloom. At the hotel we learnt there were no single rooms so we checked in a double room, at first I was a bit hesitant to stay with him in the same room, but then had no choice and since they said they would give us two beds it was okay. We went in had a wash changed and then decided to just tour around the place. The place was like an old laid back village but because of the scenery the place was full of tourists and we among them had come to take a break here. After an hour of touring around, we were getting hungry so headed straight back to the hotel. The hotel was really full so we went into our rooms, ordered some lunch. We had a nice balcony and the view from it was simply fabulous. He asked if I would like something to drink, I said yeah vodka with orange juice topped with ice was just ideal. I took a book and sat reading until our drinks & lunch came. We had a quick lunch and then just sat drinking and talking for such along time that we had forgotten that it had become dark, the scene was ever so romantic, the hotel had candle lights lit everywhere and on every balcony there was a light that we did not bother to turn on as there was enough light coming.We kept talking until the wee hours of the morning; it was getting colder by the hour, so I grabbed my shawl. It was rather strange that he and I could keep talking and talking and then suddenly I felt him move a little closer to me, I did not mind as I was feeling cold and I could feel the warmth of his body. That masculine scent that he wore was really getting me turned on. He just looked at me as if to say oops sorry I looked back and him and smiled.It may have been the smile but then we just got talking more intimately about our life and different things that were happening. He drew more closely to me and slowly he put his warm arms around me, by this time I sure needed a hug as I found my self crying. Well I don’t know if it was the vodka or his story or just the two of so lonely and needed each other to cry on. He held me tight and the next moment we were kissing so passionately and then made love. We were too lost to realize it was dawn, we both slept so peacefully and when we woke up, it was mid morning, strangely we both woke up at the same time and just smiled at each other (sheepishly).We realized what we had done but were happy that it had happened. We then took a shower had some brunch and decided to go on a long drive by the seaside. During this drive we were a quite again and of course we were lost thinking of the previous night. It was getting little dark so we stopped by a clove. It was one breath taking view from the clove. We could see the wide sea and the sea gulls flying. In the distance were the fishermen. As I was leaning on the rock, he just turned towards me, he gently put his big arms around my waist drew me close and asked me as he was playing with my hair if what had happened on the previous night was wrong I could not say anything as I knew that we both enjoyed every moment of this ecstasy, he looked into my eyes to find an answer, I asked him what he felt, he too just smiled at me and said I will cherish the memory of this lovely day forever, with this we got back into the car and drove back home.That was a lovely break away from home with my friend and me.


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Good point, though sometimes it's hard to arrive to definite conclusions

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