Short Story - Bus Stop Stranger

I was at the bus stand one day and saw this handsome man standing in my wayHe looked so good and charming, that any lady would give him the second look.Even though I was tempted to say hello,I dint, instead just stood staring at himThe bus came but neither of us moved. Alas,we were left alone on the stop, and I sneaked a look at him from the corner of my eyes And found that he had a worried look and kept looking at his watchHe looked at me as if to ask me something, and I took this opportunity to say hello to him. He just smiled at me, but did not reciprocate my greetings. I found it all so strange and just then a car drove up to where we were,he then looked at me again as if to say bye ,got into the car and left. That day I could not stop thinking of this handsome man and hoped I meet him again someday. Days and weeks passed by, but yet I could not stop thinking of him, I wonder why – what was so special about him. That evening as I went to the café I saw this advertisement in the newspaper and a vacancy for a Administration Manager. I decided to apply for the job as my qualification and experience matched the advertisement, I then sent my CV by email. I was just getting out of the café when all of a sudden I saw him standing there, this time the urge to go up to him grew stronger. As I was about to approach him, I noticed a young lady walk upto him, exchange pleasantries and he then pulled up the chair next to him for her to be seated. They two seemed to be so locked in their conversations, so much so that he dint even me passing by . I am getting restless and wanting to know who he is and how she is related to him. I see the waiter approaching him, he greets the lady and offers her the menu. The trio gets talking; she does not take the menu but asks for two coffees. I feel that the waiter knows them, so out of curiosity I call the waiter and ask him about them. He then tells me mam ‘don’t you know Sir’ he is the owner of this company and owns the entire place around here. I leave. The next day I get a call from the company that I had applied. I was scheduled to meet the CEO at 11:00 am., so I get dressed and go to get the bus, and there again I cant stop thinking about him. I reach the office with 10 minutes to spare, so go the washroom to freshen up and straighten my hair which was all in a mess. I am a bit nervous, as the time is approaching. The receptionist tells me that I am called. I knock on the door and enter and there I see my handsome man sitting in front of me. I am at a loss of words(when all along I was longing to talk to him). He asks me to sit, and make myself comfortable (but now I want to run away). My hands began to shiver as I handed my papers to him. He asks me not to be nervous. With the corner of my eyes I see him scanning my papers and I scan the office. A lovely office with dim lights and his table made of teak dark wood, stood so elegantly. There was a vase of fresh flowers on the side table and a sofa set facing the window. A small fridge stood in the corner of the room and next it stood the stand to hold his suit. On a shelf nearby stood a picture of a couple, I was dying to see it but could not as it was too far from where I sat. He said my name and I must have been lost for that moment, for he touched my hand to draw my attention. I said sorry, he just smiled at me and told me that he would like to see me again the next day. I got up to go he stood up and shook my hands. His palms felt so soft and had that strong hold. I would have loved to have stood holding it forever and looking into his eyes. I quickly withdrew and began to move, when he said you need not worry as you have been selected but we need to discuss further so he asked to see me again saying this he walked me to the door. I could smell the very masculine perfume that he had worn. I came out of his office with grin on my face, I found the receptionist staring at me, like as if she knew what happened inside. I felt his eyes on my back and thought I would stumble while walking. I came out of the building and took a deep breath. Tomorrow is another new day! Phew~~


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