My Silent Admirer

Who does not have one today? I remember the times when I was younger I had so many admirers. I used to get flowers, cards from people I never knew or perhaps met and who had a soft corner for me but had never admitted it to me. Now to think of it that now that I am much older I still do have one who is so romantic. I love and wait for his calls to come.

The moment the phone goes rrrring rrring and I see the number on the phone my voice softens as it is he my silent admirer. My heart does miss a small beat too. Anyone can see that naughty smile on my face when I am talking to him and they would ask me is he your silent admirer.

He talks to me so many things, we share our daily trivia’s, jokes, but at the end of it all he will not admit that he has that special soft corner for me.

We are both married and with kids. No harm done,guess its human nature to just like or to admire that someone. His talks are so interesting that he comes to that point of saying that sweet things to me and then just backs off like the Fizz of the Soda.

He sends me mails and I send him mails, we chat everyday and have so much fun. Strange when we were together we had fought almost everyday but now that we are apart we miss each other so much that although we don’t show it – there is that special feeling that we have for each other. There is a chemistry that is happening.

Oops there goes the phone again….cannot see the number now!

In short I say – “Always yield to temptation, for it may never cross your path again.


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