The Lass from Bangladesh Part VI

Jaffar, was her close little friend, his uncle now came regularly to pick up the boy and made it a point to talk to Mumtaz. It was becoming very clear that he was getting attracted towards her. She was scared and did not want another relationship. Days and months passed. It was Jaffar’s birthday he was having a party and had insisted that his teacher must come home to his house. Mumtaz was shy and did not want to accept his invitation but then on second thoughts she decided to go since all her colleagues too said that she must attend. She went to his house that evening. Jaffar was very delighted and was showing off his teacher to everyone at his house. Mumtaz was very nervous as everyone there was looking at her. Mumtaz met many relatives of Jaffar. During the party there was elderly lady who kept staring a Mumtaz. Mumtaz could feel that this lady wanted to talk to her, so she went up to her and introduced herself. The lady in sixties smiled warmly at Mumtaz and smiled at her. She asked her several questions about her family. She asked Mumtaz how long she was her in Bahrain and she said it’s been a year and a half. Later Mumtaz learnt that the lady was Jaffar’s grand aunt. Rashidabi, Imran’s mother. She asked Mumtaz if she was married. Mumtaz did not want to get into this conversation but felt so warm talking to her that she decided to tell her story. Rashidabi took her into another room and they both got talking. Rashidabi liked her instantly and how she had come up in life in spite of obstacles in life.

It was getting late so Mumtaz asked permission to leave, and promised to meet her again. Imran’s mother made her promise that she would return to see her the next day. So the next day in evening Mumtaz and Rashidabi meet at the garden. Mumtaz was not sure what she wanted from her but kind of guessed what she was going to be asked. Rashidabi asked her if she would like to get married to Imran. Mumtaz was a bit taken back and not very surprised though, as she knew this was going to come next after being questioned so much. Mumtaz was almost going to say know when Imran spotted them in the park and was surprised to see his mum and Mumtaz chatting away. He came up to them and said hello and was curious to know what they were two chatting about, but just smiled at Mumtaz and left. His mother caught that glint in his eye when he smiled at Mumtaz and she knew there was this chemistry that was working here. Imran’s mother got her attention and again asked her if would marry her son. Mumtaz then told her that she would not be able to bear his kids.


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