The Lass from Bangladesh Part VII

Mumtaz asks her what will Imran say when he learns that she will not be able to bear him kids. Rashidabi just smiled at her and said don’t worry, we will take you to the best doctors and see what was really wrong with her.

Rashidabi and Mumtaz walk back home. She has dinner at their place and Imran escorts her back to her quarters. They are very quite on the way home although he is dying to ask her what they were both chatting in the park. She reaches her quarters and Imran bids her good night. Mumtaz back in her room just plunks herself on the bed. Nina her room-mate looks at her and asks her why you look so confused and worried. Mumtaz does not know what to do. She tells her the whole story. Nina is very happy for her and tells her that she must say yes and get married to Imran and that she would then have a much better life. The next couple of days are very confusing days for Mumtaz she writes to her best friend Shakila and Shakila too is very happy for her and tells her to go ahead. Mumtaz arranges for a visit visa and brings her best friend Shakila to Bahrain.

Mumtaz takes few days off as her friend Shakila is coming. Mumtaz takes her friend to see all around the city. Then Mumtaz takes Shakila to the garden and there they sit and Mumtaz relates to her everything about how Imran came into her life. Rashidabi having learnt that her friend is in town invites both of them for lunch, so the next day being Friday and a holiday they both go to Jaffar house. Jaffar was surprised to see his teacher and her friend. He gets very friendly with Shakila and wants to know who she is. Mumtaz tells him that she is her best friend from Bangladesh. They all have lunch and then Rashidabi decides to take a walk in the garden. They all go there and Jaffar is busy playing when Rashidabi tells Shakila of her proposal to Mumtaz. Shakila is very happy and says that Mumtaz is happy but that she has already gone through one episode in her life and did not want to go through again. Rashidabi tells her that Mumtaz told her everything in spite of that she wants her to be her daughter-in-law. Finally after much persuasion Mumtaz says yes. Rashidabi is very happy and like a little child rushes home and tells the girls that she has a lot of preparations to do.

Now Mumtaz has only her best friend Shakila, her room mate and her school colleagues to support her., they are all very happy for her when they learn from her that she has agreed to marry Imran. All the teachers tell her not to worry and they would help her with the wedding preparations. The principal on behalf of the school committee and teachers and students gifts Mumtaz a fully furnished flat to stay in. Another gift was a job in the same school for her best friend Shakila, she was very happy that she would now have a friend here with her.

Mumtaz, Shakila and Nina and some other teachers went to do the shopping for her clothes. On the other hand there Rashidabi is very busy to and so is Imran and of course little Jaffar who is excited about everything. But Mumtaz is still worried in spite of all her colleagues telling her not to worry and that all will be well.


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