Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Nisha and Anirudh - Part II

They arrived in Switzerland early morning and went straight to be, due to the time difference, they suffered from a jet lag.

Later in the day when they woke up, they had a good brunch and went on a sight seeing spree. They spent a week there and had to return back to home base.

Back home in Shimla was a new beginning for them both. Ani had bought a beautiful house and had it all ready for his lady love. Two months passed by quicker than ever and Ani had to go back to his work. Nisha was not happy as she would have to be alone, but Ani promised to take her too once he went there.

That week was very busy one a lot of guest and relatives came for dinners, lunch etc as Ani was leaving and also to welcome the new couple. Nisha used to get very tired by the end of the day and would fall of a sleep lie a little baby. The next day early morning was his flight. Nisha was not a mood and did not feel like talking to anybody. Ani tried to console her and tell her that he promised to take her once he got there.

Since there was no direct flight from Shimla, Ani had to fly to Delhi and then to Bahrain. Nisha cried a lot at the airport, it was a sad sight to see. Nisha mom and sister and her in laws too had come to the airport. All were sad that Ani had to go back.

Back home Nisha just wanted to be alone, so she went back to an empty house and did not know what to do as she was really lonely and missing Ani very much. She turned the TV on and saw what she did not want to see. All flights to the Gulf country were delayed by a day, so which means that Ani would be stuck in Delhi for another day or two depending on the weather. She was hoping that she had at least gone with Ani to Delhi. Just then the phone rang. Nisha ran to the phone “of course it was none other than her Ani. He called to her that he was already missing her and that he would be staying in a hotel until he received information from the airport. They must have spoken for an hour. Ani told her that he would call her back once he checked in the hotel.

Nisha waited by the phone like a little girl waiting for her dad’s call. Nisha left the TV on to get the latest news. She must have been so tired that she fell asleep on the couch for when she woke up it was about 10:30pm, she woke up with a start, she was wondering if the phone had rang and if she had missed her Ani’s call. She was all confused. She went to the kitchen as she got a bit hungry, made herself a sandwich and glass of orange juice. She was getting impatient as they were no news from Ani, she did not know where he was staying or any number to contact him.

Nisha could not concentrate on anything, she did not want to call her in-laws too as it was too late. She changed the channel to a movie and sat watching the movie with no interest in it. By the time the movie got over it was way past midnight. Nisha was not sleepy as she seemed to have slept though the whole day. She got up and had a glass of water, and then went back to her bed hoping to catch a few winks before the morning came. She looked at the clock by her bedside, which said it was about 4 am in the morning. She dozed off to sleep only to be woken up to the ringing of the telephone. Nisha almost tripped and fell as she ran to the phone. She picked up the received and heard a hello on the line but could not recognize the voice, her hello in a sleepy voice. The voice on the other line asked if she was Nisha she said yes and asked who was speaking, she then said that she was calling from Bahrain and that she was the operator.
In a minute Ani came online to her delight. He was worried and asked her where she had been the previous night; she then realized that she had missed his call. She apologized and told me that she was watching TV and fell of to sleep and only woke up late night. He told her that he had to board the flight midnight and so now was calling her from his office in Bahrain. He told her that he too was missing her but that it would take a month to do all the paper work to bring her to Bahrain.

They would chat everyday on the phone and on the net. Then one day all a sudden she got a call from Ani telling her to get packed that she had to come to Bahrain. She was so delighted and happy. Nisha was to travel the next week, so she was busy preparing for her trip to the Gulf. One morning as usual she woke and felt nausea, she did not know what it was but was feeling very sick. She called her mom and her mom came to see her immediately. She told her mom that she had vomited and was getting giddy spells, for which her mother smiled and said to her that she was going to be a mother. , she told her that she was pregnant and that she had to see the doctor before she left for Bahrain. Nisha’ mother made an appointment with the family gynecologists. Nisha went to see the doctor the doctor took some tests and then told Nisha that she was on the way to motherhood but that she could not travel now and had to take bed rest.

Nisha was sad and happy too at the same time. She called up Ani to give him the good and the bad news. Ani told her to go and stay with his parents so that she could get help when needed. Ani was very excited that he was going to be a father, he told Nisha that not to worry and that he would take her as soon as the doctors tell her that she was fit for travel.

Two months passed by Nisha was getting bigger, but she needed a lot of rest, as her womb was very delicate and if she moved too much or carried anything heavy she would loose the baby. Since Nisha needed constant care she decided not to go to the Gulf the baby came.

Everyday Ani would call her and would enquire of her health. She was getting ready for the baby, as a matter of fact the whole house was very happy and excited and were preparing for the arrival of the baby. Her sister Anamica who was married before her had twins and she had comet o spend time with her mother. He mother was very excited as another baby was going to come. Nisha’s younger sister Rhea, was engaged and was to get married the following year.

One day early in the morning Nisha woke up with severe pains, the doctor was called for and she was rushed into emergency. Everyone was worried as it was not yet time for the baby to come, there was still a month to go. All were praying for her and the baby’s health. Ani too was informed and he too was worried. The doctors came out of the room and told her mother and in-laws that she was already getting labour pains and was taken into the Operation Theatre, after half an hour they could hear the cry of a little baby all were delighted to hear the little cry from the baby. Just then the doctor came out with the little baby in his arms and gave it to Nisha mother. It was a little boy. The doctor told them that Nisha is too exhausted and is resting, they had sedated her. The little was boy was then taken back to his little crib and kept under observation.

Ani was very happy to hear the good news but was waiting to talk to Nisha. After a couple of hours Nisha woke up, and looked around her and saw a little crib next to her, she tried to get up but could not move as she was keep on drips, she called for the nurse and they came to her immediately and showed her , the little boy. Nisha was so excited and asked if any of her family members were around. He mother was with her waiting in the waiting hall, the nurse called for her mother. A soon as she saw her mother the first thing she asked if Ani had been informed her mother said yes and that he had called a couple of times, but since she was sleeping they did not want to disturb her.

It was the evening of the ext day, she had many visitors besides her family members who had come to see her and the little boy. Nisha was to be discharged the next day. The next day was a big day Nisha held her son in her arms and was about to leave the hospital when she got a call saying that her sister Rhea had met with a tragic accident and was admitted in the same hospital but in a different ward.

Nisha was not allowed to see her, but her mother and other sister told her that Rhea was in intensive care and they pray that she comes out of danger. Nisha went home a little sad but happy as she had her son with her.

A lovely crib was set for the baby. Weeks passed and Rhea was still in ICU, she was hit by a car and had fractured ribs and hands.

The baby was turning a month and it was time for the naming ceremony, that day was set by the Hindu priest. Everyone was busy preparing for the day when she got a call from the hospital that Rhea was not out of danger and was transferred from ICU to the normal wards. She was very happy. And so was everyone at home. All were worried as Rhea was due to get married early next year.

Guests started arriving and to her big surprise a taxi pulled up at the entrance and she was so excited as it was Ani he gave her a surprise visit. All were so excited and there was so much of noise and commotion. Ani was thrilled to see his little boy. They name him Sagar. Sagar was the apple of everyone eyes especially his dad. The biggest surprise that Ani had given was that he had left his job in the Gulf and that he was starting his own business here in Shimla. The next day Ani, Nisha and little Sagar went to see Rhea who still in hospital and was recovering well. Rhea was delighted to see her nephew.

Sagar was now four months old toddler and kept Nisha and everyone very busy with his gurgles and cute smiles. Rhea was discharged from the hospital. She looked different as she had undergone many operations and had to walk with crutches for a month until she gained strength.

Ani was very busy with his business that he had set up in Shimla. He was doing very well. Everyday when he came home he would take little Sagar out for drive and Sagar would get excited to see all the lights on the streets, he was getting bigger and bigger.
His first birthday was coming very soon. Ani planned a big party for his son’s first birthday.

A day after Sagar’s birthday little Sagar was looking at a Photo Album, he was thrilled to see all his birthday pictures. Then he came upon a picture of a little boy and girl which caught his eyes. He asked his mum who they were – she smiled and him and told him that it was his dad and her when they were small.

Time went by now Sagar a little lad all set to go to school. Nisha also decided to take up a job and Anirudh was busy with his business, it had grown in twofold ever since it began.

Nisha and Anirudh Part 1 - Short Story

Nisha and Anirudh were childhood friends. They were both born and brought up in Simla. It is a very beautiful place to the North of India. They were neighbors and always went to school, studied and played together. Their families always got together on weekends and even went on holidays together.

Time flew by they both finished school and joined college, but their streams were different. He chose to join Commerce while she joined Arts. They did from time to time meet when on a day off.

Life changed, Nisha lost her dad and she now had more responsibility, she was the eldest of the four children and she decided to do Night College and work in the day. It was very hard for them as the younger sibling were still in school and college. Her mother was always a housewife and so could not go to work, but she would sit and at home and do some tailoring work that she would get from time to time. They had move from their house to a smaller place, she was sad to bid farewell to her neighbors and all her friends whom she had grown up. She has missed Anirudh that day when they were leaving as he was in college. They moved back to her mother place in Ooty. She joined another night college and in the day time she found work at a Modeling Agency. She used to work as a PA to the General Manager. It was about 5 years since Nisha was working, she had passed her college with honors, and she wanted to pursue her career further but decided to take up a proper job instead. Her younger sister and brother who were twins passed school and were now in college. The last was in her final year of school.

On the other hand Anirudh had left Simla and had gone to Bahrain to work. He was now the Business Development Manager of a big IT firm in Bahrain. He often used to visit his family back home, he was the only son, and whenever he came home he would always ask his parents if they had heard from Nisha or her family. All that his parents said was they had lost touch with them and did not have any address for them; they knew that there were in Ooty.

Back in Bahrain he used to be a very busy man and very rarely had time for anyone other than his work.

Many years went by, Nisha was promoted to the position of a General Manager, her younger siblings were now all grown ups and were working. Her mother was getting very old and was always worried and was after Nisha to get married but Nisha always put it back, she would always find her excuse. Nisha twins got married latter that year. She was very happy as the twin brother and sister got married to another set of brother and sister. Her younger sister was left but she was graduating that year and had to study a lot and also look after her mother. Since Nisha was promoted she had moved to Bombay and was very busy with her work, she was given an opportunity to go abroad but refused due to her old ailing mother., who was back home in Ooty then.

Though she missed her family and friends her sense of fulfillment in her workplace and in her career made up for it. He younger sister that year completed her graduation and took up a job in Ooty itself. It was the festival of Divali, so Nisha went home, her mother and sister were very happy to see her. They planned to Simla that holiday just to meet all their old friends. They left the next morning for Simla and booked themselves into a hotel. They then went to meet their old neighbors there was so much of excitement and chattering as everyone was happy to see Nisha and her family. While they were busy talking Anirudh mother asked Nisha if she was married and she with a blush say no. Nisha asked about Ani and was told that he was in the Gulf and that he was expected to come down this week.

While Nisha went o meet her other friends both the parents got talking and Ani mother asked if she would get Nisha married to Ani. Nisha mother was very happy as she knew him a little child, but said to them why you don’t ask Nisha herself. Then they decided to wait for Ani to come and they could ask her hand then.

Next day they were invited for lunch so she, her mother and sister went for lunch to Ani place. When she entered in the house all of a sudden there was a kind of pin drop silence and all were staring at her, she saw a young handsome man just staring into her face. He came and said hell to her, she was surprised as she did not recognize him, his mother told Nisha how could you have forgotten your childhood friend, for which Nisha was shocked and with a big expression on her face just hugged him like old times. Everyone was watching them, they then sat had lunch and then talking and talking for hours and hours together. Nisha and Ani had so much catching up to do, so they both decided to meet again the next day. Nisha told him that she was staying at the Hilton.

Next morning Ani came to the hotel to pick her up. They went for a long drive and had so much to talk about their college life, their work and the present. Suddenly they both felt silent for a moment as they both asked each other the same question, both asked one another if they were married and out came the answer no. She asked Ani why he had not yet married and he told her that he had fallen in love with a girl since long time but that girl had left the place and had gone, he never knew her whereabouts and so was waiting for her to come back some day. She was very curious and asked him who that girl was. For which Ani asked her why she had not married yet, she then told him that she had to look after her younger siblings and never really thought about marriage since she was so buy with her work and home, her life was the same routine like before.
She again asked Ani who the girl was then Ani told her after a long time that it was her; she was shocked but never knew that he was in love with her as they were childhood friends. Before she could say anything he asked her hand in marriage. Nisha was speechless, and was blushing but shyly said yes.

That day was the best day for Ani and it was Divali and so the celebrations were grander. Ani told his parents they were very happy and so was Nisha’s mother, the next week Nisha had to leave so they decided to get engaged before she left. The marriage for planned for the next month, as Ani had come on a long leave, but Nisha had to back to apply for more leave. Next day were big celebrations and all their old friend from college and new friends had come for the engagement.

Next day Nisha and her mother and sister left for Ooty. Ani and family had gone to drop them of at the airport.

Now back at Ooty Nisha was exhausted but there was so much to do and so little time. Her mother was very happy and was very busy with the wedding preparations.

The following week went very fast. Nisha resigned from her job, her sister too resigned from her job, they sold everything that they had and were ready to move to Shimla.

Nisha was anxious and nervous too at the same time. Life was going to be different for her now. They arrived early in the morning and Ani was there to receive her at the airport. The house was ready for them, all the preparations to move into their new house was done by Ani. She was very happy. He left them at home and went back as he had a lot of work to do. The day was a very busy one for all of them, guests started pouring in from different places, and she and her sister along with their mother had gone to distribute the invites to her wedding.

It was henna (Medhi night) there was lot of singing, dancing and the bride be adorned with henna. She looked very pretty in a green shalu sari. Ani house too was a very busy one; he had his celebrations of a Bachelor’s night. The next day at 10:00 am was scheduled for the Muharat. The wedding procession had commenced the bridegroom party had come to pick her up and take her to the hall where the wedding ceremony was going to take place. There were about a thousand guests. Nisha was dressed beautifully in a red sari and adorned with flowers and lot of jewellery. The Muharat began sharp at 10:00 am. The nuptials got over in an hours time and all the guests were there ready to greet the newly wed.

It was late night by the time all the guests’ left, early next morning Ani and Nisha were leaving for Switzerland for their honeymoon. They bid everyone a good bye and went to their room.

Sunday, May 27, 2007

Creative ADD on

The Cat was big..
His whiskers were like Twigs,
I thought and I thought and I thought in vain,
And then I let the cat go in the lane.

It scared the folks living there
for they ran helter skelter,
bumping into everything that came their way.
Alas, he was not after the folks,
but after his master who let him loose.
Bark and a yap
that what he does
the whole day long
Frighten's every stranger
that passes along.
He is but a lovely pal
with little kids
and an eye for the blind
but above all
my best friend
and my bodyguard.

You missing mommy,
and I am missing him.
Lets get together and chat
and forget our loved
ones while they are far away.

Turn on the music,
get the gin and the vodka,
call up a friend
and make the best of your weekend
Happy weekend!

Creative ADD On

Glad this thread has come back
to life
Better be warned Asha Don
is after you to write
So back on line everyone
and continue this thread!

Ice cream you scream
Ice cream we all scream
for a bowl of mango Ice cream
for bowl of pista Ice cream
or for a Bottle of chilled beer!
On this hot summer's day.

You dont need HAzmola
whatever that is
Ice cream before or after
is welcome on a hot
summer's day.

A cool one here
and cool one there
a cool one everywhere
Everyone is chilling
out - in the pool over there.
Beer beer beer please
Its the call for beer
and no more ice creams
for ice creams melt
and only remains vapour
for hot is the air
and hot is the month
so come one folks
lets chill out
and have a nice cold
Hic Hic hic

Ma and Pa sat in a car
And went to the bar
They drank from a jar
Then got back into their car
And drove to the park
They sat in the dark
And were lost in the park
Only to be woken next morning
With the singing of the Lark!

Creative ADD on

Anu if the wheels are turning around
Hurry dont let it stop
for if you do
This thread will stop
And no more wheels turning around

T'was birthday time
so Anu forgot
that her wheels were turning around
Enough of cake and wine
Music and dancing - and
Come back to this thread

That is what is left to do
You and me enjoy this thread
With a bottle if Fizz
And corn on the cob
I am continuing on this thread

Seems all are asleep
Or lazing on the bed
As its sunday afternoon - and
to early to play
on this thread.
So, early did I wake the
dead from sleep or the lazy
You sound so sad and dejected
You are home sick
so get back to base
And bring the smile back on your face.

We'll take it from there
As there is too many mixers happening
On Nukkad these days
Too much of wine and dine
And all people's a knockout
the next day!

Creative ADD on

There'll be more than just dancing
There'll be laughing and prancing
And eating and drinking
And back pats and winking

Yeah! there will be romancing too!
As Love is sailing in the air
You and me will be there
For the weather is fair
And love and music in the everywhere.

The colored paper is bought
And the kite is made
But whose gonna fly it first
As there's dust storm coming up.

Lets make a hot air balloon
So you can fly in that balloon
Against the dust storm
and dusty air.
Until one finds a better suggestion for you and me
Lets take to the sea
Sail away on a cruise
Into the Arabian sea
You and me and all folks on Nukkad

A big liner will it be
The cost has to be free
For we'll find a big Don here
And make him sponsor our trip for all
to be free
The trip sure sounds like fun
Cmon,Cmon, where are you Don?
Wanna get away from this soaring Sun
Now,be sweet and stop being such a CON ;)

Yeah Aarti get on the phone
And wake up the Don to this thread
Tell him peepals are waiting
For the answer to their trip

Ask Anu to join in the pun
Wake up everybody to this thread
Work up your grey cells folks
If you want to win a trip.

Welcome aboard the liner Asha
Your on the guest list
Inez, Don,where are you
Come quickly before the liner
sails away again
to another port to another country.

Aren't we missing more of the folks
Where are Vijay's, Anu's,
More the crowd more the merrier
Hurry all, lest we all get left out.
Lets do that Inez and
Get back to our Kitchen
The way to a man's heart
is the woman food and her kitchen
So lets get busy in improving
Our culinary skills
and put an end to their Cricketing skills

Creative ADD on

Dining is not the time,
For there is party.....ing
Happening everywhere
Lets join the gang
And make the best of everything there!

Pull Inez in to the party,
Swirl to the music, dance.
Names in the gang matched to faces,
We greet faces calling thier names, smiling.

Come Asha let's you and I dance
Lets dance the rumba,the samba or the tap
Let have fun and frolic
And wake all the crowd up tonite!

Creative ADD on

Yes back online is where we are
To spend good times with friends afar
But when the Bell of Duty rings
We must log off and see to things :(

But Nukkad is such a place
that when you have a couple of minutes
You come back to spend that time here
and keep in touch with the folks on line

So folks lets make the best of this
time we have on Nukkad
Enjoy every moment we spend
By making more firends and
lesser enemies
Lets together make a chain of Friendship.

Come folks
join me on the Ship of Nukkad
And sail on the sea of Friendship
Lets together dock on the shore of
enemies if any
And make them all friends of Nukkad.

The friendship wand I can see from afar
Lets welcome the ship as they dock
The welcome band is ready & champagne a flow
Hurry folks,
Its happy moment for you and me !

Lapsi gets more but when he
see the champagne, he say no more
to Rhea
The folks are busy ashore
Eating and drinking
and having fun galore.
As long as Inez there
there will more fizz
The City of gold is all a buzz
With V twins arrivals
and all the Fuzz (ss)

Creative ADD on

But soon my eyes begin to tear
It's the truck's exhaust I do fear
I thought they'd make good morning friends
But this is where my story ebds

The highways too busy
For a friend in need
Its a foggy morning
So lets keep our eyes on the road
for there are friends waiting for you on

Nukkad I reached in time
To have a lovely cup of coffee
And chat with the friends on line
Got the latest gossip - that
Don, Inez,Asha are back on line

Creative ADD on

I am waiting for you,
Please come back to me
Or I will fade away
Like the colour on the wall.,
Like the flowers in the vase.
Come back, oh come back to me and brighten my day.

dont tell me that because of work
you have forgotten me
that I am second thoughts for you
you assured me that I am the only one for you
And that you will never let me down.

You are the only one my dear
But we must eat as well
I'd like to see much more of you
But the Boss will give me Hell!

And if the Boss gives me hell,
It's not good for me
As I would out of job
And that is real hell

So come dear, bear with me
Tomorrow is another day
And we will surely meet
Like we do every Sunday.

Creative ADD on -

So thank you my Love for being there,
For supporting me, my life
I'll do the same for you, you know,
YOUR LOVE, is the ultimate.

I have found a true love in you
Cos’ life without you dear friend
is a life of emptiness!
Its like a boat without a sail
and a day without the night

I remember the day you said good-bye
I laid my head on my pillow and cried
left all alone again left in the dark
my only friend
its really something this love I have for you
is never ending

Creative ADD on - continued

I maybe an Amateur
In writing a verse or two
But in a language of my own
I’d like to get the message across
Some may like it ,and some may contradict it,
But as long as I can get the message across
It makes no big difference to me.

A stranger you were once.
There's nothing as nice as someone who shares,
your laughter, your secrets, your wishes and cares,
someone who's there through your good times and tears,
who stays by your side as your friend through the years

Monday, May 21, 2007

A Stranger as A friend?

People ask me often,
"How can you be friends
with someone you've never met?"

I tell them,
" You've never been online I am sure!"

It's something people offline will never understand.
You open up your heart to friendship
with your fingers typing away fast.

It's a world full friendship at your finger tips,
there is so much online,and
it only takes a heart to reach people
with your touch.

First you start out online, surfing all around.
Next thing you know a great friend will be found.

You will chat a lot and surf a lot.
Soon it will be your second home,
a comforting, and special place.

You will find a
Friend to share your dreams and your tears
and to help each other wipe away life's fears.

You will share life together
and help each other along
You will make it through bad weather
because friendship is so strong.

No matter how far apart you go,
your keyboards will keep you together,
and in your heart you will know
you don't need a face to be a true friend forever.

So, How do you explain this to people
who've never been online?
I guess it takes a gesture of friendship
& a little bit of time & effort.

So let's start by keeping in touch
and passing our special touch.
A smile, a website, a gesture starts it all
becoming friends doesn't take much.


Wednesday, May 16, 2007

The Rain

As the hot May winds blows through my hair,
Its sends a chill down my spine,
Leaves fall from the trees,
and the wind comes with heavy dark clouds

I see dark clouds,
and a gray sky
then a streak of lightening,
followed by
thunder clashes,
as lightening flashes
a storm rolls in,

The gentle cadence of falling rain
Its soft pelt splashing
upon the window pane
makes my heart miss a beat.

The golden sun is hidden away
with the gray clouds,
the rain falls on the earth,
like cyrstals falling from heaven above.

Making the earth so wet,
and the earth smelling so sweet.
Everything around turns wet and cold
And yet the rain is welcome on this
hot summers day!

Monday, May 14, 2007

Missing Him

Its been a few days since he's gone

And I have already begun to miss him

As I sit by window and watch the sun setting,

My mind begins to wander

Of the lovely days that we spent together on chat

I miss him every single day

Why is this happenig to me!

I find no interest in my day to day work
Is this called infactuation!

He is only a friend to me

Is it because we share the most intimate chats,

Is it because we share our lifes on chat,

His absence is driving me crazy

Can anyone tell me why?

He told me that she is aware.

That we are chatting and does not care

He wants us to stay friends forever

He's been happy being friends....till now

Thursday, May 3, 2007

Love is A movement

I found my old scrap book and in it dated 27/01/1990 I had written:

Love is movement
In which you have a Master menu

Every move you make and step you take
Enters the stock file of your life।
You stock file all the movements
And then one day analyse its mistake
You correct & delete every fault,
and then when the bad times over
You let your love friend te another
Option of friend pice from your life।
Once again you accept a new life
And when finally all ifriend well
You end that movement of your Love life,
by joining together in Holy Matrimony
And another new movemnt if your
Love Life has begun।

Blessed are they that join together in holy matrimony!

I write

I write

True poets don't write their thoughts with a pen,
They release the ink that फ्लोव्स
From within their heart।


I write

I write

You know how people say that someone is lucky in love?
Well i feel like I'm lucky in Frienship for
I have found you my friend

I write
It means a lot to have a friend like you
You have become apart of my life
I feel so comfortable when
I am with you & the times we share are a delight
& I know, no matter what,
I can always count on you my Friend

I write

I write

You know how people say that someone is lucky in love?
Well i feel like I'm lucky in Frienship for
I have found you my friend

I write
It means a lot to have a friend like you
You have become apart of my life
I feel so comfortable when
I am with you & the times we share are a delight
& I know, no matter what,
I can always count on you my Friend

I write
I write
It was a long weekendvery hot and humid
I got fed up and waited for itto end
A new week has begunand new day and
new threadphew that is a lot to

WriteGood threads always last long
good friend s join the gang
and write good things and
keep this threadgoing forever
Until BMW publishes itall in a bookI write

Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Creative - ADD on's

Rhyme, i see has become the name
Ff this post,that has become quite a game
Now,now,dont give me no excuses
For i know if you try, you can add to the juices
Cmon now,stop prancing about,
i know u aint so tame
I maybe an Amateur
In writing a verse or two
But in a language of my own
I’d like to get the message across
Some may like it ,
and some may contradict it,
But as long as I can get the message across
It makes no big difference to me
The message is clear, as clear as ice
and now's my turn to add some spice
and turn it away from bricks & bats
It's valentines day, let's tip our hats
to all the wonderful ladies out
hereand everyone else we hold so dearA stranger you were once।
There's nothing as nice as someone who shares,
your laughter, your secrets,
your wishes and cares,
someone who's there through your good times and tears,
who stays by your side as your friend through the years

Creative - ADD on's

Come out of hiding from under your beds
For fellow Nukkadites seldom lose their heads
They just talk more than chew
Confused most times with their points of view
There will be no outburst of words or cries
No slapping of fingers just people going crazy
Not knowing what to write or to say
And confuse the other writers all the way :)

Creative - ADD on's

Methinks there's something going on
Of which I understand none
So with hand on
head am hiding under the bed
Till the storm or tempest is gone
And when the tempest is gone
I'll come out from underground
To see what is happening
And the cause of this destruction