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A Friendly Stranger

We call
“not familiar faces” strangers - But when we call a person
A stranger - we plant a seed strangeness in him
That was my manager
People called him a strange - they added another fear in me
“He’s strict, new and a stranger too”.

My pulse rate enhanced
When I was introduced to him
He looked through me
I felt, I missed a beat
To realize later, I misses the beat
In his Rhythm in his look.

I realize now the message behind his look
He was looking all these years
For that person; people mistook him
“A new manager with a fiery look”

Today we are no longer strangers
Familiar faces, friendly looks
Now I look through his eyes to know
What I'm - Do I appeal to him?

A little touch of care and attention
Is all, what it made, the change in me.
Now heaven is a place on earth for me.

A Dream

As a child
I too had my dreams
About the person I should love,
I searched for him
In fairy tales
Someone, handsome, wonderful
Different, from the world around me.
Now I’m grown up
I no longer dream
I wait for my dream
All of a sudden
He cam into my life
The one I longed for
The one I dream’nt about
He’s around me
My life’s now changed
I’m lucky
My dream cam true
To greet my dream I woke up
My dream too woke up
To see me off…..
But I still live
Around my dream.

My Married life in short

I remember the first time I had seen Joe it was almost 25 years back, I had first seen him at the Bombay Airport as he used to work there and from that day I fell in love with him. I used to follow him everywhere he went and he at that time had many girlfriends, I even remember going up to each of his girlfriends and telling them to leave him alone as I was in love with him and would d threaten them. He once confronted me and told me to leave him alone but I had fallen so deeply in love with him that I could not see anything beyond him. He would date me from time to time and then this became regular so much so that he too started falling in love with me. I also remember telling lies and going to meet him secretly as his people were not fond of me, but that did not matter to us. We were too madly in love people (and still two mad lovers) to worry what the world said.

Finally that day came & (secret) he first kissed me under the stairs and told me that he too was in love me, but …


I still recall the tender smile, cheerful face
Of my dearest DAD who shared and cheered
My moment of pain, movements in pain
You’re the greatest DAD I’ve ever seen.

My nights were alive with your stories vivid
In your cozy bosom, my fears were unfounded
But today, I’m left to my self to my world
Of memories enveloped in your gentle strong arms.

How can I forget you DAD ?
In may flower I see your face again
Sentiments of love, rudiments of learning
I owe my DAD – the alphabets of living.

Memories of your kind letters
Still bring holidays in my life
Today I think and thank
In my little world - THE GIANT OF A DAD
I love and still do I love.

I missed you not once, everyday I miss you
Memories never dies, it only fades
I can live in your memory
But you can’t die in my heart.

Cigratte & Me

The rise and fall in the market

Makes the dawn of a new cigarette

The old is sooner forgotten

The young is sought after --- I mean

A new brand in the market.

My life too is like a cigarette

I’m in his hands for sometime

He makes the best use of me

And leaves me for another.

My life too is getting shorter

With every puff he takes of me

The paths of GLOWRY (glory)

Lead but to a BUTT grave

Global Warming - Good News

Some of the effects of global warming will probably be positive, says sean thomas
Belief in global warming is nowadays almost universal, and for a good reason. The evidence exists. But there is another widespread belief which is less justifiable: that global warming will have only negative effects.
Consider the distant past. Two hundred million years ago the earth was much warmer than it is now: dinosaurs roamed the Antarctic, which was then lush and tropical. No one claims that this warming was terrible for velociraptors. So why is a warmer earth seen as a disaster for man?
Of course, we all know global warming is going to cause dislocation. Increased storminess, desertification, and inundation from raised sea-levels are serious and understandable fears. There will inevitably be major costs as we adapt to our new environment. But maybe there will be swift
and enormous gains as well.
One look at a world map shows that vast tracts of land - in Siberia and …

The Lass from Bangladesh Part X

It’s a new beginning for Mumtaz here. Jaffar had joined a school near his house. Imran is back in Bahrain and Mumtaz is busy with her daily chores. One morning Mumtaz does not come to the kitchen and is sick, Imran mother goes to see her in the room. She asks Mumtaz what happened. Mumtaz tells her that she is feeling sick and nausea. Rashidabi smiles at her and tells her that she is going to be a mother. Mumtaz blushes and cannot believe it, so they go to see the family doctor. The doctor takes a few tests and gives Mumtaz the good news. He tells her that is she pregnant and the baby is fine. He tells her that she must take good rest and eat lot of fruits and fresh vegetable. Mumtaz is very very happy and rushes home to call her husband and give him the good news. Imran is happy as in another 4 months time he would be with her. He calls Shakila her friend and gives her the good news too.. Shakila calls Mumtaz and wishes her luck and tells her to take care.

Time passes Mumta…

The Lass from Bangladesh Part IX

They land at Bombay International airport after a two and half hours of flying time. The airport is crowded Mumtaz is lost. She is with Jaffar as Imran is collecting the baggage. As they are coming out Jaffar is excited and runs towards a crowd of people come to welcome them. Mumtaz only smiles at them as she does not know who is who. Imran comes out with the baggage towards the relatives that are waiting to greet them. She is introduced to everyone and Imran aunt comes forward and holds her hand and takes her along with her. They all go the cars that are waiting and drive home. When they reach home there is like a feast, there are neighbors, friends and relatives all come to welcome the new bride of Imran home. Mumtaz is full of smiles and does not leave Imran’s side. There is a lot of relative coming and going Mumtaz is happy and by the time is lunch is over it’s a late afternoon. Mumtaz is tired of the hustle and bustle of the day. Jaffar is too busy with his cousins. I…

The Lass from Bangladesh Part VIII

The next day is the big day. Mumtaz looks very pretty dressed in a red sari and adorned with jewels and flowers. Shakila and Nina are at her side. The Nikah is read and they both say I do. All the teachers and principal and school children are at the reception. When it was time to leave. Mumtaz has big tears in her eyes. She thanks everyone for helping her and supporting her. She looks at the heavens and thanks God for giving her such lively people in her life. She hugs each one of them and bids them adieu.

Imran and she make a perfect couple. Jaffar is very excited as she is his aunty now. It is getting to be a year and as time flies Imran takes her to see several doctors. Many doctors give different opinions but then came a specialist who thinks that Mumtaz can get pregnant, so he calls her the next day to do some special tests. The tests take a week and all are anxious to know the result of Mumtaz. Mumtaz and Imran are up early that morning they both are very anxious and …

The Lass from Bangladesh Part VII

Mumtaz asks her what will Imran say when he learns that she will not be able to bear him kids. Rashidabi just smiled at her and said don’t worry, we will take you to the best doctors and see what was really wrong with her.

Rashidabi and Mumtaz walk back home. She has dinner at their place and Imran escorts her back to her quarters. They are very quite on the way home although he is dying to ask her what they were both chatting in the park. She reaches her quarters and Imran bids her good night. Mumtaz back in her room just plunks herself on the bed. Nina her room-mate looks at her and asks her why you look so confused and worried. Mumtaz does not know what to do. She tells her the whole story. Nina is very happy for her and tells her that she must say yes and get married to Imran and that she would then have a much better life. The next couple of days are very confusing days for Mumtaz she writes to her best friend Shakila and Shakila too is very happy for her and tells her to…

The Lass from Bangladesh Part VI

Jaffar, was her close little friend, his uncle now came regularly to pick up the boy and made it a point to talk to Mumtaz. It was becoming very clear that he was getting attracted towards her. She was scared and did not want another relationship. Days and months passed. It was Jaffar’s birthday he was having a party and had insisted that his teacher must come home to his house. Mumtaz was shy and did not want to accept his invitation but then on second thoughts she decided to go since all her colleagues too said that she must attend. She went to his house that evening. Jaffar was very delighted and was showing off his teacher to everyone at his house. Mumtaz was very nervous as everyone there was looking at her. Mumtaz met many relatives of Jaffar. During the party there was elderly lady who kept staring a Mumtaz. Mumtaz could feel that this lady wanted to talk to her, so she went up to her and introduced herself. The lady in sixties smiled warmly at Mumtaz and smiled at …

The Lass from Bangladesh Part V

The first day at school is only getting acquainted with the students and scanning their syllabus.

A week goes by Mumtaz is pleased with the school and her work. She loves the little children that she teaches and they too seem to react with her very well. Mumtaz becomes a very popular teacher and is admired by all her colleagues. Soon it’s Children’s Day and they have to get the kids to do something special that day. She helps the children in staging a special play and some skits. All the children do very well and all the parents have a good time on that day. When all the parents and children were leaving she notices one little boy sitting and crying in the corner. She calls him towards her and asks him “Jaffar why are you crying?” She thinks he is worried because his parents have not yet come to pick him up he must be crying .He looks up at her and cries, she hugs him and wipes the tears from his eyes. She tells him not to cry and that his parents would come anytime now. It wa…

The Lass from Bangladesh Part IV

Mumtaz was as usual on her way to school one day when she came across this good looking man. His name was Nasser. He was a new teacher in the same school that she was teaching; they got talking and sort of became friends. Nasser was very curious to know more about Mumtaz but she kept aloof as once bitten twice shy. Nasser father was a big business man and used to run a consultancy business. One day Mumtaz asked Nasser what his father was doing and he said my father sends people to the Gulf to work, he arranges for visa and does all the formalities until they go to the Gulf. Now this idea sort of interested Mumtaz. She thought to herself since she had nobody left here only for her friend Shakila why not go to the Gulf and work as she had heard that there were lot of opportunities to work in the Gulf.

One day she approached Nasser and asked to make an appointment with his father. So the next day was Sunday and so she went with Nasser to his father office. His father saw her asked …

The Lass from Bangladesh Part III

Now back to the city Mumtaz found work in a small school and used to teach the little children there. Her grandmother too passed away that week, she was sad that she too had gone but was happy that she had tended to her in her final moments.

Many proposals came for Mumtaz, but Mumtaz never wanted to get married she never wanted to part away from her uncle and aunty the only relatives that she had. Her uncle told her that she was a grown up lady now and she had to move ahead in life. He told her that they were getting old and did not know how long they would be able to look after her. He told her he wanted to see her happily married & settled in life before they both passed away. Mumtaz kind of agreed but very hesitatingly, she made a deal that she would marry on one condition that she would be able to live with them and care for them until they were alive. So the deal was done.

Mumtaz married Tahir one spring day. There was a big wedding reception and Mumtaz was looking very be…

The Lass from Bangladesh Part II

It was a long and dusty way they had to change two buses before nightfall. They reached the next morning.

At the bus-stand her father washed her and freshens her up, they had some breakfast and went to the uncle house in a cycle rickshaw.
Her uncle was delighted to see them but sad that he had lost his sister-in-law. He hugged little Mumtaz and took her in. He gave her a doll to play and while she was busy Pasha related what happened in the past week. He then asked his brother if he would keep Mumtaz with him, his brother was absolutely delighted of course. But he was worried would Mumtaz stay without her parents. Pasha stayed with his brother for a few days until Mumtaz got accustomed to living with her uncle and aunty and one fine morning Pasha left back for the village. He was very sad to leave Mumtaz with him but knew that she would be well looked after by his brother. He kissed the little one while she was still asleep and gave the little pouch what her mother had given and …

The Lass from Bangladesh Part 1

Bangladesh is a country situated on the Indian subcontinent in the southern Asia.
Bangladesh means “Land of the Bengali people” They are famous for their hand crafted & woven goods.

As a young lady Mumtaz only wish was to make it big, she wanted to become someone in life and after having lost her parents and she left Bangladesh to go a foreign country……….

Chittagong is a big city in Bangladesh which is overpopulated. On its outskirt lived this small family. Muhamad Pasha, his wife Banu and daughter Mumtaz. MP would toil in the paddy fields while his wife worked on the woven goods. Little Mumtaz a toddler would tag along with her mother everywhere she went.

It was one of those days where Banu was really tired, she gave little Mumtaz some food to eat and went to take a nap. When Pasha came home he found his wife sleeping and when he tried to wake her up ,he found her body very hot and burning with fever, he saw little Mumtaz also asleep besides her, he picked up the little one and pu…