I still recall the tender smile, cheerful face
Of my dearest DAD who shared and cheered
My moment of pain, movements in pain
You’re the greatest DAD I’ve ever seen.

My nights were alive with your stories vivid
In your cozy bosom, my fears were unfounded
But today, I’m left to my self to my world
Of memories enveloped in your gentle strong arms.

How can I forget you DAD ?
In may flower I see your face again
Sentiments of love, rudiments of learning
I owe my DAD – the alphabets of living.

Memories of your kind letters
Still bring holidays in my life
Today I think and thank
In my little world - THE GIANT OF A DAD
I love and still do I love.

I missed you not once, everyday I miss you
Memories never dies, it only fades
I can live in your memory
But you can’t die in my heart.


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