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To my Dad

Today 24 years ago I remember you dad,

A sweet memory of you I have

It was a day before my birthday

And I was waiting for your call

That day the weather seemed gloomy and sad

And I wondered why

I was excited for it was my birthday the next day,

And new red dress I had brought

All of sudden there was a down pour of rain

Which lasted only five minutes and

Then there was sun shine again

What a funny weather I thought

But that kept me thinking

For on my way to college I was,

And it wetted my dress

From college I returned a little late

Hoping to receive your call

I was too shocked for the call

I got was not that from you to say Happy Birthday

But a call from my aunt

To say, that you had passed away.

Alas it was too late for,

You had left me alone in this world

And had gone to live in a better place

to another world alone.

May your soul rest in peace dearest dad

After all these years this poem to you

I dedicate

May you rest peacefully in that world of yours

And to thee I pray may you always guard and protect me,


Your Picture

T’was that day

Time flew by for us,

We went in different ways,

We spoke from time to time

And kept in touch on email

But we had never seen each other after that unfateful day.

Today after 20 odd years I see a picture of you,

A tear comes to my eyes

My heart is filled with emotions

And all the past memories came alive

I turned cold and stood still staring at the picture in my hand

You had changed so much from what I had seen,

You look so sad and laden with life’s burdens

And no smile on your face

I just keep staring at the picture

And wondering if it is really you?

Its funny how my mind is disturbed

And memories of you keep flooding back to me

For my heart still yearns for you

You were my first love then,

And nothing could stop me from loving you

I missed you yesterday

I missed you today

And always will as long as we are apart.

In a Hurry

In a hurry I write

In a hurry I make a mistake

In a hurry I post it on my page

In a hurry I forget to mention the Title

In a hurry I wrote what came to my mind

But I forgot to mention the most important lines

That in a hurry I wrote

An forgot to post what

I had written.

This Moment

This moment I thought

I'd write a line or two,

but my brain box is not working

and I don't know what to do.

My mind seems blank and I have

run out of words,

I have run out of thoughts,

I have run out of everything.

This moment I want to say something

But I cannot seem to open my mouth

the words don't come easy and

I just don't know what to do.

This moment I hear the phone ringing

And I want to say Hello,

but I cannot seem to reach the phone,

for everything seems so far away

in spite of it being so near.

I wake up from this funny dream

at this Moment , I am happy

to be writing what I am doing.

A Tidal Love

Like the wave of an ocean

So cool & yet so calm

I was drawn towards you,

You were like a magnet

Drawing me closer to you

Like the wave that sweeps

The sand into the sea

You swept me of my feet

And locked me in the ocean of your love,

It was a tidal lust and that passion and emotions

That came wave after wave.

We were laughing, playing and enjoying

The game of love in our life

The illusions of love were so exciting

That I was submerged in your love.

But was is that unfateful day

When an ill wind blew my love away

I felt ripped like the angry sea

And was torn into two

I stand deeply submerged in love

Not knowing where to go or what to do?

Was it a Tidal Love?


Sometimes, I guess I can be creative, but just sometimes
Sometimes, I feel on top of the world,
Sometimes, I feel like I'm all alone,
Sometimes, my life is spiraling out of control,
Sometimes, my heart, I swear stops beating,
Sometimes, my heart is so full it could burst,
Sometimes, I feel like I've got it under control,
sometimes I just dont want to talk to anyone
sometimes I dont want to hear anything
sometimes I cant do anything right
Sometimes I want to laugh
Sometimes I want to cry
Sometimes I want to live
Sometimes I want to die
Sometimes when I am sad and I watch the wind sway reeds by the water
And there are days I feel exhausted
Almost like I have been combusted But that’s only sometimes

Behind the closed door

Behind the locked door was once

a house that had seen the sunshine
of many different years.
a house that had seen some happiness
a house that had seen tears.

This lovely house now seems so empty
Since you left with last goodbyes.
The smiles and talk, the happy laughs
Echo above the lonely sighs

Whether leaves are green in springtime
snow leaves lightly on the ground
This old house will hold the memories behind the locked door.

Those Moments

My heart begins to race;
I can feel the rush of adrenaline.
As your palms perspire and my mouth goes dry,
I feel the butterflies in my stomach.
I am keenly aware that this is the moment I have prepared for.
I gaze at you and see that your eyes are watching me with anticipation.
After a deep inhale and a slow exhale I begin…..

A lonely Star

How can anyone be lonely
With so many people on this planet
Who would love a kind word
From someone like you.

Why am I feeling very much lonely?
What's wrong with me?
I don't know.
Seems all my friends have disappered.

These are lazy days
And lonely nights
Am looking for a lonely star
who would keep me company


As I sit by my office window,
and watch the setting sun,
my thoughts begin to wander
to thoughts about you
Of how I first met you
and how different you were.

We had so much to talk about,
and so much to share.

Now as time as elapsed,
I see a different you,
I see a you - as one who is playing hard to get,

You said you were my friend
but is just fooling around
and playing with my emotions,
can there be another you?
can I find that you whom I met
a few months ago?
I guess no.

I see you have time for everyone,
but no time for me,
is it because -
I am from a different planet
as you may think?
Or is it because I am married?
Can she not have a soul mate?

Whever I have asked you out,
You are too busy or have a lame excuse
When I ask you to reply to my mail,
you have not time and have lot to do
When I convey my feelings
You have nothing to say.

All I can say is that,
I wont bother you anymore
and ask you no more questions,
send you no more emails
that would need a reply
All I wanted to just say to you

Thank you for being a True…

Is this Love or Passion?

Passion is a horse that knows no master,
And I cannot with fences make it stay.
It must run free towards daylight or disaster,
Away to a new day .
So I must say what you don't want to hear,
But it's a truth that both of us must bear.

For us life passes like a dream,
Revealing only what is on our minds.

I don't understand what happened to us
Or why you have turned away.

Guess you are playing Hard to get?
Of course you are free to do as you like,
But first I have something to say.

To me it had seemed we could go on forever,
So close were our hearts, and at ease,

I want you to know that your friendship,
I treasure, and would not now end.
If you would be willing to turn to embrace me,
You'd find in me still a good friend.

How can I tell you what I feel for you?
When I think of you my feelings twist inside

I write to let you know I always think about you,
Lest you not decipher how I feel.
Our friendship gives me courage to reveal
Vain hopes I've long since harbored silent for you.
Even though…

In Silence

Silence awakens the sleeping seeker in me,
Silence enlightens the aspiring seeker in me.
Silence fulfils the self-giving seeker in me

His Silence has awoken me,
his silence disturbed me,
his silence brought another
silence into my life

Silence is word that cannot be spoken
but can be felt!

An Ode to my friend

The day I met you
I found a friend -
And a friendship that
I pray will never end.
Your smile - so sweet
And your talks -Kept me going
When day was as dark as night
You made life seem so good.
There were times when we didn't see eye to eye
And there were days when both of us were too busy

Circumstances are pulling us apart,
We are separated by many things.
Truly, the only thing that keeps me going
Is my treasured memory of your mischivous smile.

This friendship we share
Is so precious to me,
I hope it grows and flourishes
And lasts unto infinity.

Our friendship is one-in-a-million
So let's hold on to it and each other.
We cannot let this chance of pure bliss fly away
For there will never be another.

One sided telephone converstaion

Rrring rrring
Good morning
Is that you?
so how have you been lately?
Heard you had been on a date with the girl in town?
Is that true?

Hey sure you had a swell time with her,
for I know she is gorgeous and pretty and sexy,
so says all the guys in town.

so tell me how did it go?
did you try all your naughty tricks on her,
did you coo to her and tell her
that she was the most beautiful and sexy woman
you had met.

I am sure you did,
and she fell for your sweet talks.

Okay gotta go now,
will call you later
Bye for now

For my friend Mariam

She is a very delightful lady,
and friendly with one and all
She is very bubbly and always full of smiles,
but at times in in the world of her own.

She has working husband and
little handsome son
who she worries too much for.
She works for him from dawn to dusk
to always keep him smiling and happy.

She very good at figures
and makes no mistakes at all
Her boss is always after her
and so are her colleagues
and she is always at their beck and call.

She makes very good company,
and tries to ape one and all,
Guess what - she can be the noisy one at a party.

She is quite a foodie
and takes delight in all the food,
but pizza's being a favorite of all.

Within herself she is soft and gentle
and has that mental strain,
But yet she can give you that lovely smile,
and keep you smiling all the while.

And lo behold she is smiling after reading this poem!


I can't give solutions to all of life's problems, doubts,
or fears. But I can listen to you, and together we will
search for answers.
If you want.

I can't change your past with all it's heartache and pain,
nor the future with its untold stories.
But I can be there now when you need me to care.
If you need.

I can't keep your feet from stumbling.
I can only offer my hand that you may grasp it and not fall.
If you think I should.

Your joys, triumphs, successes, and happiness are not mine;
Yet I can share in your laughter.
Your decisions in life are not mine to make, nor to judge;
I can only support you, encourage you,
and help If and when you ask.

I can't keep your heart from breaking and hurting,
But I can cry with you and help you pick up the pieces
and put them back in place.

I can't give you boundaries which I have determined for you,
But I can give you the room to change, room to grow,
room to be yourself.

I can't tell you who you are.
But I can only like you and be your fr…

The wait

You make me wait
for you to come online
I forget my work
And wait for you to just say a simple HI!

I know not from whence
these feelings come
But comes from deep within

Can I still wait
Or should I just move on?????

Can we still be friends?

I was cold and hurting lost out in the night
wandering and searching for heaven's light

As I saw the night sky clearing
and you spread your rainbow wings
But little did I know
what joy you would bring

From that moment on a friendship did start
you kissed away my tears and sheltered my heart

I cried for a friendship I thought I lost
But then felt your warm, gentle hand
You then whispered in my ear
that by my side you'll forever stand

But did I tell you this feeling
of I grew fearful
for I thought I had fallen in love?

The lonely tree

I am like a lonely tree in the middle of nowhere
Spreading it branches far and wide
Waiting that weary traveller or a passerby
to lay beneath the tree
and take shelter from the heat.

Many a traveller has come by,
stopped and rested from the heat,
but do I have to wait for that
traveller to come along who
is stil travelling along life's path
and yet to reach me?

Please tell me he has not passed,
without stopping by,
for I still await that traveller


Love is the ultimate,
Love is sacrifice
Love is war

Love is Love
Love is being happily married for 17 years
Love is good communication between the two
Love is understanding and forgiving each other
Love is one stays quite while the other one
goes on and on...but in the end its LOVE who WINS

Love is the sweetest things that could happen anyone this earth!

Love has no age barriers
Love has no race
Love has no colour difference
Love comes in all sizes
That is why we say LOVE IS BLIND!


An ode to Anoop my colleague

I have been here for three months,
And have met many a colleague or two,
But among them I have met one,
a lovely colleague, whom
I misunderstood at first,
a proud one I thought him to be,
but turned out to be delightful as can be.

Among other colleagues in the office
he is always surrounded by women
He seems to have that charm,
to stand & talk to and leave a mark on them
by making them laugh or
lending a ear for their talk.

In love he has never been too lucky
and has always broken a heart or two
or has been rejected for another.

In life he has come up through hard work,
For he lost his father when he was much younger
and looks after his mother and brother
He has turned out to be a go getter.

He loves to read books,
and mind you - not the common authors,
he loves to read autobiographies
and some rare author would be one among them.

He seems to be a very devoted one,
and lucky the lady would be
to have found one like him
for he plans to settle in life
and make the best for his wife.

I am glad he is my friend,


A big vase of flowers stood
on my desk
I just stood an admired its beauty
and did not for whom or from where it came,
just then I saw a small note and on it
it read ;

GOODLUCK.....from all your friends at ITP

I write

(12 June 07')

I write about love

I write

If life were a dream,
I'd run through a rainbow
pick out each color,
just so you'd know..
my love for you
will always glow.

:)(04 June 07')

I write

As unto the bow the cord is,
So unto the man is woman
Though she bends him, she obeys him,
Thouh she draws him, yest she follow,
Useless are they with out each other.

(07 June 07)


Why am I scared?
Why wont anyone answer?
Why am I alone?
Why werent you there?

Can you take away my fears?
Can you stop all my tears?
Can you help me?
Can you save me?

I write

(June 04 - 07')

Of our 21st Centuary

I write

Our communication - Wireless
Our dress - Topless
Our telephone - Cordless
Our cooking - Fireless
Our youth - Jobless
Our food - Fatless
Our labour - Effortless
Our conduct - Worthless
Our relation - Loveless
Our attitude - Careless
Our feelings - Heartless
Our politics - Shameless
Our education - Valueless
Our follies - Countless
Our arguments - Baseless
Our boss - Brainless
Our Job - Thankless
Our Salary - Very less !!!

(May30 - 07')

I write - continuations

I write

When people are around you,
they seem to absorb your uplifiting attitude.
When I think about you,
I can think of happiness and
how lucky I am to know you and have you as
My Friend!

I write

A single rose can be my garden... but a single friend, my WORLD.

Perhaps it is nostalgia for
A long uncertain glow,
Or just some hope so beautiful
I cannot let it go.

I write

May23 - 07')

Is this love

Like a sweet taboo,
That life should contrive,
I’m just aching for you!

What is it with Love
That makes me
then breaks me?

I can’t talk to you!
So this piece I write.
It’s all I can do…

(May16 - 07)

For my friend who passed away in 1980

It is so sad for us to see
A girl living in pain and agony.
She has the looks that can kill,
and the beauty of a Queen,
The riches of a King and the best of everything.

But what most she does not have
Is the precious life to live a long life,
Yet she lives a happy contended life..
that maybe you and I wont live.

She would give you any amount of riches
in exchange for a longer life
but alas she knows.,
that she cannot live too long.

Imagine what a life it must be,
for her to know and to live
That the Angel of death,
Is only at her door step.
For her now life is too precious
And not moment to be wasted.

So I pray to God,
that should death come to her like a thief,
to let her die --- a peacful death
A peaceful death when she's asleep.

Reposting - May06 - 07'

Dreaming of you

I write

I'll leave my window open till sunrise for you
I'll keep my eyes patiently focused on you
where are you now I can hear footsteps,
Am I dreaming and if I am;
keep me from waking up to believe this is true.
I was so happy to chat with him,
he asked me if I could call him,
I said yes and dialled his number
the phone was ringing,
I got connected,
I hear him say hello,
my heart beat faster,
as I just listened in silence
to that voice I missed so much,
I could'nt say anything,
as I just kept on listening
until he disconnected.

I still hear his voice and,
its still playing in my mind.,
I can say no more

I write.

(May 02' 07)

The orphanage

At a visit to the orphanage
I see those little smiling faces
What joy they have,
no one can tell
as behind that smile lies,
a different world.

they know no where they come from,
or they will go.
their home is their orphangae
and the love bestowed on them
from the care takers to every visitor
that comes to see them or pick
one of them.

Alas they wait their turn to come
to live in this wide world
little do they know that they
would get more peace and happiness
in the orphangae than in this big
wide world.

Amen I write.

(May 02' 07')

An ode to the Mango

It seems to be mangoes all the way!

I ate a mango yesterday,
and oh the taste still lingers in my mouth.
I am looking for more,
but alas there is none left,
for the last guest that came,
walked away with whatever was left.

Mango the sweetest fruit
Mango the tastiest fruit
Mango mango mango all the way!

I write

May 01 -07'

To my friend

I feel inside of me
the sadness in your heart
when things are'nt going right

all I have to offer is
my love......
my friendship.....
my desire to share your
joys & sorrows...
your good times and bad times
to be with you when you are
lonely and blue
and help you to overcome
your dreams and make
life little pleasure come true.

I write

(Ap 30. 07')

A Casanova

I was mesmerized by his looks.
His looks could kill.
I longed to talk to him,
I longed to be friends with him,
But he had those airs,
That no one could kill.

He was a casnova they said,
But I did not beleive it,
Unitl I saw it.
I was hurt and wanted to cry
For he promised me the heaven
Only to let be burn in hell.

He looked at every girl,
And gave them that cute smile,
He let their hearts miss a beat,
He stole a smile from every girl,
And let his heart hang on his sleeve.

Alas he was a Casanova!

I write (Ap 25. 07')

About Love - I write - continuations

Stumbling through the lanes of memory,
I found another piece I wrote

In love there is no race
no creed or no age
In love ther is no language
Cos' love is a language by itself.
that one and all can understand
Love has no limits,
Love has no bounds,
for if you fall in fall
you cannot come out of it.

and if you did
you would regret for a fault,
For love tells no lies
As love is sweetest thing
that could happen to you.

I write (Ap 24 . 07)

Love is A movement

Love is movement
In which you have a Master Menu
Every move you make
and step you take
Enters the stock file of your life.

You stock file all the movements
And then one day analyse its mistakes
You correct & delete every fault,
and then when the bad times is over
You let your love taste another
Option of spice from your life.

Once again you accept a new life
And when finally all is well
You end that movement of your Love life,
by joining together in Holy Matrimony
And another new movemnt if your Love Life
has begun.

Blessed are they that join together in
holy matrimony!

I write

For my friend Frances

Dedicated for my a real sweet girl

F ull Of energy & vigour
R osey smile you have
A lways ready to help
N ever says not to the needy
C ool, calm and courteous she is,
E verlasting friendship she can get
S weetest girl I have met!

I write (Ap 23. 07')

I write

I write

It was a long weekend
very hot and humid
I got fed up and waited for it
to end
A new week has begun
and new day
and new thread
phew that is a lot to

Good threads always last long
good friends join the gang
and write good things
and keep this thread
going forever
Until BMW publishes it
all in a book

I write (Ap 22'07)

You know how people say
that someone is lucky in love?
Well i feel like
I'm lucky in Frienship
for I have found you my friend

I wirte.

It means a lot to have a friend
like you
You have become apart of my life
I feel so comfortable when I am with you
& the times we share are a delight.
& I know, no matter what,
I can always count on you my Friend.

I write ( Ap 23 07')

True poets don't write
their thoughts with a pen,
They release the ink that flows
From within their heart.


I write Ap23. 07')


I am picked up by group of 11 a side,
tossed and turned from side to side,
then I am kicked and kicked
all over the field, back and forth,
high above the grounds.

Sometimes I am held in the hand and tossed to another,
To be once again kicked to the other,
I get no rest until the half time whistle goes,
I lay in a corner waiting to picked up
and kicked again all over.

At times when I am kicked into the
goal post, I am given a break or two,
with cheers from the crowd not for me
for the group.

oh their shoe hurts and I get bruised,
in spite of that I am being kicked
all over the field to the delight of other,
and the big game is over.


Yesterday, I met a stranger
and today we are friends,
I am glad I took time to say Hello
and return a Smile.

I would have not know this stranger,
had I not met him yesterday,
and then if yesterday was today,
it would be too late.

For today is gone and tommorow,
cannot bring him back.
so I am glad that I met this stranger
yesterday and became his friend,
for we share so much together,
and make the best of life today.

Smile and lend a ear to the stranger
you meet today,
For you never know who that stranger
will be to you...

From a total Stranger to a good Friend!

A seed and Love

I planted a seed in your garden,
and watered it everyday,
I waited for the sun to shine
And rain to give it more water
I peep out my window to see the new day

I jump out of my bed
And come to the garden
I see a small plant growing
And know it’s the one I planted

I smile at it and feel happy
For the seed I planted in your garden
Is finally growing into a tree

It is the same with love

Happy New Year

H ours of happy times with friends and family
A bundant time for relaxation
P rosperity
P lenty of love
Y outhful excitement as the years pass

N ights of restful slumber
E verything you need
W ishing you success

Y ears and years of good health
E njoyment and mirth
A ngels to watch over you
R embrances of a all previous happy years!

The Lass from Bangladesh - Part V

The first day at school is only getting acquainted with the students and scanning their syllabus.

A week goes by Mumtaz is pleased with the school and her work. She loves the little children that she teaches and they too seem to react with her very well. Mumtaz becomes a very popular teacher and is admired by all her colleagues. Soon it’s Children’s Day and they have to get the kids to do something special that day. She helps the children in staging a special play and some skits. All the children do very well and all the parents have a good time on that day. When all the parents and children were leaving she notices one little boy sitting and crying in the corner. She calls him towards her and asks him “Jaffar why are you crying?” She thinks he is worried because his parents have not yet come to pick him up he must be crying .He looks up at her and cries, she hugs him and wipes the tears from his eyes. She tells him not to cry and that his parents would come anytime now. It wa…

The Lass from Bangladesh - Part VI

Mumtaz was as usual on her way to school one day when she came across this good looking man. His name was Naser. He was a new teacher in the same school that she was teaching; they got talking and sort of became friends. Naser was very curious to know more about Mumtaz but she kept aloof as once bitten twice shy. Naser father was a big business man and used to run a consultancy business. One day Mumtaz asked Naser what his father was doing and he said my father sends people to the Gulf to work, he arranges for visa and does all the formalities until they go to the Gulf. Now this idea sort of interested Mumtaz. She thought to herself since she had nobody left here only for her friend Shakila why not go to the Gulf and work as she had heard that there were lot of opportunities to work in the Gulf.

One day she approached Naser and asked to make an appointment with his father. So the next day was Sunday and so she went with Naser to his father office. His father saw her asked her why she w…

The Lass from Banglasdesh - Part III

Now back to the city Mumtaz found work in a small school and used to teach the little children there. Her grandmother too passed away that week, she was sad that she too had gone but was happy that she had tended to her in her final moments.

Many proposals came for Mumtaz, but Mumtaz never wanted to get married she never wanted to part away from her uncle and aunty the only relatives that she had. Her uncle told her that she was a grown up lady now and she had to move ahead in life. He told her that they were getting old and did not know how long they would be able to look after her. He told her he wanted to see her happily married & settled in life before they both passed away. Mumtaz kind of agreed but very hesitatingly, she made a deal that she would marry on one condition that she would be able to live with them and care for them until they were alive. So the deal was done.

Mumtaz married Tahir one spring day. There was a big wedding reception and Mumtaz was looking very beautif…

The Lass from Bangladesh - Part II

It was a long and dusty way they had to change two buses before nightfall. They reached the next morning.

At the bus-stand her father washed her and freshened her up, they had some breakfast and went to the uncle house in a cycle rickshaw.
Her uncle was delighted to see them but sad that he had lost his sister-in-law. He hugged little Mumtaz and took her in. He gave her a doll to play and while she was busy Pasha related what happened in the past week. He then asked his brother if he would keep Mumtaz with him, his brother was very delighted ofcourse. But he was worried would Mumtaz stay without her parents. Pasha stayed with his brother for a few days while Mumtaz got accustomed to living with her uncle and aunty and one fine morning Pasha left back for the village. He was very sad to leave Mumtaz with him but knew that she would be well looked after by his brother. He kissed the little one while she was still asleep and left the little pouch what her mother had given and left.

It was…

The Lass from Bangladesh - Part I

Bangladesh is a country situated on the Indian subcontinent in the southern Asia.
Bangladesh means “Land of the Bengali people”

They are famous for their hand crafted & woven goods.

Chittagong is another big city which is overpopulated. On its outskirt lived this small family. Muhammad Pasha, his wife Banu and daughter Mumtaz. MP would toil in the paddy fields while his wife worked on the woven goods. Little Mumntaz a toddler would tag along with her mother everywhere she went.

It was one of those days where Banu was really tired, she gave little Mumtaz some food to eat and went to take a nap. When Pasha came home he found his wife sleeping and when he tried to wake her up ,he found her body very hot and burning with fever, he saw little Mumtaz also asleep besides her, he picked up the little one and put her in her bed to sleep and then went out to call the local doctor. When the doctor came and checked on Banu he found that she was turning red and had very high fever. He advised Pash…

An ode to the Kitchen

K Keeping it prim and proper is our duty

I ideally ready for a place to cook

T trying to make the best special dishes

C catering to every hungry tummy needs

H home to the handsome/beaustiful CHEF

E enjoying creating new receipes

N never forgetting KTICHEN is the place for the hungry.

Why oh why

Why do I keep going to him,
when he can give me no more,
why does he make false promises,

why why do I get hurt,
when I know he does not love
me anymore,
why do I keep running back
to him for more.

Why why does he play the fool
with me and hurt me more,

am I meant to be played around
and tossed like a toy?

Why why do tears fill my eyes,
when he fools me with his
false promises

Please oh please tell me
why do I love thee so much more!

Sunday, February 4, 2007