For my friend who passed away in 1980

It is so sad for us to see
A girl living in pain and agony.
She has the looks that can kill,
and the beauty of a Queen,
The riches of a King and the best of everything.

But what most she does not have
Is the precious life to live a long life,
Yet she lives a happy contended life..
that maybe you and I wont live.

She would give you any amount of riches
in exchange for a longer life
but alas she knows.,
that she cannot live too long.

Imagine what a life it must be,
for her to know and to live
That the Angel of death,
Is only at her door step.
For her now life is too precious
And not moment to be wasted.

So I pray to God,
that should death come to her like a thief,
to let her die --- a peacful death
A peaceful death when she's asleep.

Reposting - May06 - 07'


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