An ode to Anoop my colleague

I have been here for three months,
And have met many a colleague or two,
But among them I have met one,
a lovely colleague, whom
I misunderstood at first,
a proud one I thought him to be,
but turned out to be delightful as can be.

Among other colleagues in the office
he is always surrounded by women
He seems to have that charm,
to stand & talk to and leave a mark on them
by making them laugh or
lending a ear for their talk.

In love he has never been too lucky
and has always broken a heart or two
or has been rejected for another.

In life he has come up through hard work,
For he lost his father when he was much younger
and looks after his mother and brother
He has turned out to be a go getter.

He loves to read books,
and mind you - not the common authors,
he loves to read autobiographies
and some rare author would be one among them.

He seems to be a very devoted one,
and lucky the lady would be
to have found one like him
for he plans to settle in life
and make the best for his wife.

I am glad he is my friend,
for we share a couple of things togther.


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