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To my Dad

Today 24 years ago I remember you dad,

A sweet memory of you I have

It was a day before my birthday

And I was waiting for your call

That day the weather seemed gloomy and sad

And I wondered why

I was excited for it was my birthday the next day,

And new red dress I had brought

All of sudden there was a down pour of rain

Which lasted only five minutes and

Then there was sun shine again

What a funny weather I thought

But that kept me thinking

For on my way to college I was,

And it wetted my dress

From college I returned a little late

Hoping to receive your call

I was too shocked for the call

I got was not that from you to say Happy Birthday

But a call from my aunt

To say, that you had passed away.

Alas it was too late for,

You had left me alone in this world

And had gone to live in a better place

to another world alone.

May your soul rest in peace dearest dad

After all these years this poem to you

I dedicate

May you rest peacefully in that world of yours

And to thee I pray may you always guard and protect me,


Your Picture

T’was that day

Time flew by for us,

We went in different ways,

We spoke from time to time

And kept in touch on email

But we had never seen each other after that unfateful day.

Today after 20 odd years I see a picture of you,

A tear comes to my eyes

My heart is filled with emotions

And all the past memories came alive

I turned cold and stood still staring at the picture in my hand

You had changed so much from what I had seen,

You look so sad and laden with life’s burdens

And no smile on your face

I just keep staring at the picture

And wondering if it is really you?

Its funny how my mind is disturbed

And memories of you keep flooding back to me

For my heart still yearns for you

You were my first love then,

And nothing could stop me from loving you

I missed you yesterday

I missed you today

And always will as long as we are apart.

In a Hurry

In a hurry I write

In a hurry I make a mistake

In a hurry I post it on my page

In a hurry I forget to mention the Title

In a hurry I wrote what came to my mind

But I forgot to mention the most important lines

That in a hurry I wrote

An forgot to post what

I had written.

This Moment

This moment I thought

I'd write a line or two,

but my brain box is not working

and I don't know what to do.

My mind seems blank and I have

run out of words,

I have run out of thoughts,

I have run out of everything.

This moment I want to say something

But I cannot seem to open my mouth

the words don't come easy and

I just don't know what to do.

This moment I hear the phone ringing

And I want to say Hello,

but I cannot seem to reach the phone,

for everything seems so far away

in spite of it being so near.

I wake up from this funny dream

at this Moment , I am happy

to be writing what I am doing.