Your Picture

T’was that day

Time flew by for us,

We went in different ways,

We spoke from time to time

And kept in touch on email

But we had never seen each other after that unfateful day.

Today after 20 odd years I see a picture of you,

A tear comes to my eyes

My heart is filled with emotions

And all the past memories came alive

I turned cold and stood still staring at the picture in my hand

You had changed so much from what I had seen,

You look so sad and laden with life’s burdens

And no smile on your face

I just keep staring at the picture

And wondering if it is really you?

Its funny how my mind is disturbed

And memories of you keep flooding back to me

For my heart still yearns for you

You were my first love then,

And nothing could stop me from loving you

I missed you yesterday

I missed you today

And always will as long as we are apart.


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