Absence makes the Heart grow fonder

We had been happily married for over five years and he had to leave as soon as we got married.

It was now time for him to return Oh! Yeah I remember that day... the wait was too long,” he is coming back", I said to myself. On the previous day, I had gone to the salon and made myself look the best as I could.

I was now in the airport, eagerly waiting for him Time wasn't flying, so I grabbed the newspaper but just could not get down to reading it. I was disturbed, and was filled with thoughts about him, his face and was wondering how its going to be and how we are gong to react to one another, it's been five long years of separation, he on the rigs and me at home doing a part time job as a free lancer for a small news paper.

Finally I heard the voice on the microphone announcing the arrival of the Boeing; my heart began to pound faster. I got up from my seat and went to the balcony from where one could see the plane landing and the people arriving. It was very crowded; I saw the expressions on everyone's face. There was a mother who was anxiously waiting to see her children, then a sister waiting to see her brother, there were a group of young teenagers who were waiting for another group teenagers arriving and here was me, trying to squeeze my way into that crowd.
I got pushed twice, I just said sorry and moved away.

There was this lil' old man sitting on the chair who had an anxious look on his face. I knew that he too like me was waiting to get into the crowd but he dared to. I just waited my turn, till I got my chance to get closer to the glass, I was thrilled and felt like a little girl. I felt sorry for the old man and hoped he would look at me and I would call him and give him my place, I was afraid that if I moved I would lose that place. I tried to draw his attention but it was of no use, he just sat there calmly. I gave up and then as I turned I could see him coming, began waving my hand like as if he could se me through the glass.

I hurried to the customs where I could get a better view of him coming out. I stood there just squeezing my fingers and very impatient. I had worn his favorite suit which he had sent me the year before he could come, blue in color. Finally his turn came he handed his passport for stamping and then went o pick up his Baggage and was walking out the gangway, I ran to him. He just dropped his bags and hugged me so tight that I almost suffocated. Tears of joy rolled down my eyes, I could see all the people staring at us. He then put his arm around me, picked up his baggage and we came out. There he stood staring at me, I knew he had a lot to say, but was waiting for the right moment. We hailed a taxi got into it and drove home. We were rather quiet in the taxi. I thought that I would not stop talking when I saw him but it was the other way round, we were very quite until we got home.

As he went in to get changed I got he meals ready, I had cooked his favorite dishes of Chilly chicken and Dhal.

He got changed and came down. I had my back turned but I could feel his breath as I turned and before I could say anything he kissed me and he held me so tight and we were lost in the world of our own. He made love to me until the early hours, we were left so exhausted but it was his way and of course the wait was too long. I could see the sun peeping in through the curtains, so I just snuggled closer to him. I had missed him so much and just realized it when I was looking at his naked body sprawled on the bed. I just pulled the sheets over us and holding him tight tried to remember the first day when we got married and how time had passed by and he had now come back.

He stirred and woke up he looked at me and smiled and whispered in my ear as to how much he had missed me and everyday was a like a year for him. I wanted to get up but he just held me more closer and said don't get up lets lie here I have missed you so much that time is very precious and every moment that I missed I need to cherish.

We were in a haven of our own!


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