I write

I have fallen in love
But I want to make sure its all so true
I dont want to live alone
I need you to prove it to me

Since you came back to me
I need you to


Like I write

I write
to you every day
and put the paper away
afraid you throw it away
when you see it
for am not sure
if you really love me !

I sit back and think
Did I make a mistake of loving you
Did I make mistake of waiting for you
I am lost in this world of blues
I was happy when you came back
into mylife

I smiled and the world smiled at me
I cried but the world laughed at me
They said go out - its wide world out there
Yet I loved you and waited for you
But alas I learnt now that its of no use
The wait, the love is all a waste
So I do now is to

I wirte about the past
I write about the present
I write about the future
I write whatever comes to my mind
But now all I do is when
I think of you is to

I write
Because I cannot hide
myfeelings so true
I write cos' I am feelingso blue
I write cos' my love for you
was so true

I write
Because I am hurt
Because I want to cry
Because you have left me for another

I writeTo wish you luck with the other
To wish her luck too
To wish you both luck

I sigh as
I write


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