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A Tidal Love

Like the wave of an ocean

So cool & yet so calm

I was drawn towards you,

You were like a magnet

Drawing me closer to you

Like the wave that sweeps

The sand into the sea

You swept me of my feet

And locked me in the ocean of your love,

It was a tidal lust and that passion and emotions

That came wave after wave.

We were laughing, playing and enjoying

The game of love in our life

The illusions of love were so exciting

That I was submerged in your love.

But was is that unfateful day

When an ill wind blew my love away

I felt ripped like the angry sea

And was torn into two

I stand deeply submerged in love

Not knowing where to go or what to do?

Was it a Tidal Love?


Sometimes, I guess I can be creative, but just sometimes
Sometimes, I feel on top of the world,
Sometimes, I feel like I'm all alone,
Sometimes, my life is spiraling out of control,
Sometimes, my heart, I swear stops beating,
Sometimes, my heart is so full it could burst,
Sometimes, I feel like I've got it under control,
sometimes I just dont want to talk to anyone
sometimes I dont want to hear anything
sometimes I cant do anything right
Sometimes I want to laugh
Sometimes I want to cry
Sometimes I want to live
Sometimes I want to die
Sometimes when I am sad and I watch the wind sway reeds by the water
And there are days I feel exhausted
Almost like I have been combusted But that’s only sometimes

Behind the closed door

Behind the locked door was once

a house that had seen the sunshine
of many different years.
a house that had seen some happiness
a house that had seen tears.

This lovely house now seems so empty
Since you left with last goodbyes.
The smiles and talk, the happy laughs
Echo above the lonely sighs

Whether leaves are green in springtime
snow leaves lightly on the ground
This old house will hold the memories behind the locked door.

Those Moments

My heart begins to race;
I can feel the rush of adrenaline.
As your palms perspire and my mouth goes dry,
I feel the butterflies in my stomach.
I am keenly aware that this is the moment I have prepared for.
I gaze at you and see that your eyes are watching me with anticipation.
After a deep inhale and a slow exhale I begin…..

A lonely Star

How can anyone be lonely
With so many people on this planet
Who would love a kind word
From someone like you.

Why am I feeling very much lonely?
What's wrong with me?
I don't know.
Seems all my friends have disappered.

These are lazy days
And lonely nights
Am looking for a lonely star
who would keep me company