A Lovely Dream

It was warm spring day, the air smelt so sweet, so I just decided to take a walk in the garden, the flowers smelling so sweet and the roses in full bloom, the May flower stood bright orange and the grass all green.

I sat on the garden bench and was lost in a magical world. He came and sat down besides me, we sat talking for hours before we saw the time, the skylight shone bright with the trillions of stars shinning brightly above us. The moon was in full bloom. Everything around looked so heavenly. He whispered sweet nothings in my ear and we chatted away the whole night long.

It was getting late so we went inside the house and sat by the fireside. It felt like one magical night. I brought out the best wine and sat the two glasses down, we drank and nibbled as crisps, we chuckled at the jokes we made and forgot how time was flying by. He whispered in my ear, and touched my lips and said that they felt so hot, as he touched me, my body ran a shiver he said that I looked beautiful tonight than ever before. He ran his fingers through my hair and smelt it and let it fall on his face. His body felt very hot, we knew we both wanted one another, he just pulled me into his arms, caressed me until I was I asking for more. I said I don’t want anyone just you. The heat was raising the fire dimmed and we were at the height of ecstasy and when I turned to grab him, I fell of my bed.

I was breathing hard there was no one it was just my dream. I still live for the moments I have only dreamt about.


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