I write

I write

It was a long weekend
very hot and humid
I got fed up and waited for it
to end
A new week has begun
and new day
and new thread
phew that is a lot to

Good threads always last long
good friends join the gang
and write good things
and keep this thread
going forever
Until BMW publishes it
all in a book

I write (Ap 22'07)

You know how people say
that someone is lucky in love?
Well i feel like
I'm lucky in Frienship
for I have found you my friend

I wirte.

It means a lot to have a friend
like you
You have become apart of my life
I feel so comfortable when I am with you
& the times we share are a delight.
& I know, no matter what,
I can always count on you my Friend.

I write ( Ap 23 07')

True poets don't write
their thoughts with a pen,
They release the ink that flows
From within their heart.


I write Ap23. 07')


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