For my friend Mariam

She is a very delightful lady,
and friendly with one and all
She is very bubbly and always full of smiles,
but at times in in the world of her own.

She has working husband and
little handsome son
who she worries too much for.
She works for him from dawn to dusk
to always keep him smiling and happy.

She very good at figures
and makes no mistakes at all
Her boss is always after her
and so are her colleagues
and she is always at their beck and call.

She makes very good company,
and tries to ape one and all,
Guess what - she can be the noisy one at a party.

She is quite a foodie
and takes delight in all the food,
but pizza's being a favorite of all.

Within herself she is soft and gentle
and has that mental strain,
But yet she can give you that lovely smile,
and keep you smiling all the while.

And lo behold she is smiling after reading this poem!


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