As I sit by my office window,
and watch the setting sun,
my thoughts begin to wander
to thoughts about you
Of how I first met you
and how different you were.

We had so much to talk about,
and so much to share.

Now as time as elapsed,
I see a different you,
I see a you - as one who is playing hard to get,

You said you were my friend
but is just fooling around
and playing with my emotions,
can there be another you?
can I find that you whom I met
a few months ago?
I guess no.

I see you have time for everyone,
but no time for me,
is it because -
I am from a different planet
as you may think?
Or is it because I am married?
Can she not have a soul mate?

Whever I have asked you out,
You are too busy or have a lame excuse
When I ask you to reply to my mail,
you have not time and have lot to do
When I convey my feelings
You have nothing to say.

All I can say is that,
I wont bother you anymore
and ask you no more questions,
send you no more emails
that would need a reply
All I wanted to just say to you

Thank you for being a True Friend!


nice dedication to a friend...

the simplicity added to the beauty...

Deb said…
Thank you Rinzu

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