A Friendly Stranger

We call
“not familiar faces” strangers - But when we call a person
A stranger - we plant a seed strangeness in him
That was my manager
People called him a strange - they added another fear in me
“He’s strict, new and a stranger too”.

My pulse rate enhanced
When I was introduced to him
He looked through me
I felt, I missed a beat
To realize later, I misses the beat
In his Rhythm in his look.

I realize now the message behind his look
He was looking all these years
For that person; people mistook him
“A new manager with a fiery look”

Today we are no longer strangers
Familiar faces, friendly looks
Now I look through his eyes to know
What I'm - Do I appeal to him?

A little touch of care and attention
Is all, what it made, the change in me.
Now heaven is a place on earth for me.


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