The Lass from Bangladesh Part X

It’s a new beginning for Mumtaz here. Jaffar had joined a school near his house. Imran is back in Bahrain and Mumtaz is busy with her daily chores. One morning Mumtaz does not come to the kitchen and is sick, Imran mother goes to see her in the room. She asks Mumtaz what happened. Mumtaz tells her that she is feeling sick and nausea. Rashidabi smiles at her and tells her that she is going to be a mother. Mumtaz blushes and cannot believe it, so they go to see the family doctor. The doctor takes a few tests and gives Mumtaz the good news. He tells her that is she pregnant and the baby is fine. He tells her that she must take good rest and eat lot of fruits and fresh vegetable. Mumtaz is very very happy and rushes home to call her husband and give him the good news. Imran is happy as in another 4 months time he would be with her. He calls Shakila her friend and gives her the good news too.. Shakila calls Mumtaz and wishes her luck and tells her to take care.

Time passes Mumtaz is getting bigger and Imran is due to come. She is very happy as she is the centre of attention in this lovely big family. The next week Imran arrives. She cannot go to the airport to receive him as she cannot travel as the airport is very far from home. She waits for him and when she hears the car at the door she rushes to greet him. She is hugged and gosh the happiness is so much that Mumtaz burst out crying. Imran takes her inside and says don’t worry I am here now and all will be well,

Its the ninth month Mumtaz is asked to take complete bed rest. The doctor used to come home to check on her. He tells her that she is due anytime. So the next morning Mumtaz is getting her labor pains, she is rushed to the hospital. They make it on time as Mumtaz water bag breaks; she is taken straight to the Labor room. Imran, his mother and other relatives are waiting anxiously outside the labor room. In five minutes they hear a small cry. They look at one another as they don’t know anything. Jus them the doctor comes out of the labor room with a small bundle in his hand. He goes straight to Imran and says here is your son, Imran is all smiles. The doctor tells Imran that Mumtaz is fine and is asleep. The little boy is healthy and weighs about 3kgs says the doctor. They are now all sitting by her bedside and the baby in his crib. Mumtaz wakes up to see a lot of people around her and flowers all around her bed side. Imran gives a peck on her forehead and tells her that she has had a healthy baby boy. Mumtaz is in tears, she sees the little one next to her in his crib. The nurse comes in and gives the baby in her hand to hold. Mumtaz holds the baby close to her chest and looks up and thanks the almighty for his lovely gift to her. The next day she si discharged and is taken home. She is very happy as Imran has made a lot of arrangements for her and the little baby. They name the boy Mohammed as Mumtaz says he his God given gift to her.

A another new life has begun for Mumtaz. and she lives happily ever after.


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