The Lass from Bangladesh Part IX

They land at Bombay International airport after a two and half hours of flying time. The airport is crowded Mumtaz is lost. She is with Jaffar as Imran is collecting the baggage. As they are coming out Jaffar is excited and runs towards a crowd of people come to welcome them. Mumtaz only smiles at them as she does not know who is who. Imran comes out with the baggage towards the relatives that are waiting to greet them. She is introduced to everyone and Imran aunt comes forward and holds her hand and takes her along with her. They all go the cars that are waiting and drive home. When they reach home there is like a feast, there are neighbors, friends and relatives all come to welcome the new bride of Imran home. Mumtaz is full of smiles and does not leave Imran’s side. There is a lot of relative coming and going Mumtaz is happy and by the time is lunch is over it’s a late afternoon. Mumtaz is tired of the hustle and bustle of the day. Jaffar is too busy with his cousins. It was quieter in the evening so Imran and Mumtaz call it a day and retire early to bed.

The next day is a day for visiting, so Imran and Mumtaz go visiting all his relatives and since all he relatives are spread all over Bombay they just visit a few of them. He then takes her to a bit of sightseeing. Mumtaz enjoys every second here as she has a lot to see and explore. She is new to India and finds a lot of difference between Bangladesh, then Bahrain and now Bombay. Shakila calls her on Fridays and Mumtaz has so much to tell her. Mumtaz tells her that she does not feel like coming back to Bahrain and would prefer staying here. Mumtaz tells her she has many relatives and aunts and uncles of Imran and they all want her to stay with them instead of going back to Bahrain. Imran too told her that if she wanted she could stay back. Mumtaz tells Shakila not to worry and that she would always be in touch with her and that she could come and visit her and stay with her.

Vacation is over its time to go back. , but Mumtaz has decided to stay back in India. Jaffar has also decided to join the school in Bombay so Imran too promised Mumtaz that he would go for another couple of months complete his project and then come back and settle in Bombay.


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