Creative - ADD on's

Rhyme, i see has become the name
Ff this post,that has become quite a game
Now,now,dont give me no excuses
For i know if you try, you can add to the juices
Cmon now,stop prancing about,
i know u aint so tame
I maybe an Amateur
In writing a verse or two
But in a language of my own
I’d like to get the message across
Some may like it ,
and some may contradict it,
But as long as I can get the message across
It makes no big difference to me
The message is clear, as clear as ice
and now's my turn to add some spice
and turn it away from bricks & bats
It's valentines day, let's tip our hats
to all the wonderful ladies out
hereand everyone else we hold so dearA stranger you were once।
There's nothing as nice as someone who shares,
your laughter, your secrets,
your wishes and cares,
someone who's there through your good times and tears,
who stays by your side as your friend through the years


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