Creative ADD on

The Cat was big..
His whiskers were like Twigs,
I thought and I thought and I thought in vain,
And then I let the cat go in the lane.

It scared the folks living there
for they ran helter skelter,
bumping into everything that came their way.
Alas, he was not after the folks,
but after his master who let him loose.
Bark and a yap
that what he does
the whole day long
Frighten's every stranger
that passes along.
He is but a lovely pal
with little kids
and an eye for the blind
but above all
my best friend
and my bodyguard.

You missing mommy,
and I am missing him.
Lets get together and chat
and forget our loved
ones while they are far away.

Turn on the music,
get the gin and the vodka,
call up a friend
and make the best of your weekend
Happy weekend!


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