Creative ADD on

Yes back online is where we are
To spend good times with friends afar
But when the Bell of Duty rings
We must log off and see to things :(

But Nukkad is such a place
that when you have a couple of minutes
You come back to spend that time here
and keep in touch with the folks on line

So folks lets make the best of this
time we have on Nukkad
Enjoy every moment we spend
By making more firends and
lesser enemies
Lets together make a chain of Friendship.

Come folks
join me on the Ship of Nukkad
And sail on the sea of Friendship
Lets together dock on the shore of
enemies if any
And make them all friends of Nukkad.

The friendship wand I can see from afar
Lets welcome the ship as they dock
The welcome band is ready & champagne a flow
Hurry folks,
Its happy moment for you and me !

Lapsi gets more but when he
see the champagne, he say no more
to Rhea
The folks are busy ashore
Eating and drinking
and having fun galore.
As long as Inez there
there will more fizz
The City of gold is all a buzz
With V twins arrivals
and all the Fuzz (ss)


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