Creative ADD on

There'll be more than just dancing
There'll be laughing and prancing
And eating and drinking
And back pats and winking

Yeah! there will be romancing too!
As Love is sailing in the air
You and me will be there
For the weather is fair
And love and music in the everywhere.

The colored paper is bought
And the kite is made
But whose gonna fly it first
As there's dust storm coming up.

Lets make a hot air balloon
So you can fly in that balloon
Against the dust storm
and dusty air.
Until one finds a better suggestion for you and me
Lets take to the sea
Sail away on a cruise
Into the Arabian sea
You and me and all folks on Nukkad

A big liner will it be
The cost has to be free
For we'll find a big Don here
And make him sponsor our trip for all
to be free
The trip sure sounds like fun
Cmon,Cmon, where are you Don?
Wanna get away from this soaring Sun
Now,be sweet and stop being such a CON ;)

Yeah Aarti get on the phone
And wake up the Don to this thread
Tell him peepals are waiting
For the answer to their trip

Ask Anu to join in the pun
Wake up everybody to this thread
Work up your grey cells folks
If you want to win a trip.

Welcome aboard the liner Asha
Your on the guest list
Inez, Don,where are you
Come quickly before the liner
sails away again
to another port to another country.

Aren't we missing more of the folks
Where are Vijay's, Anu's,
More the crowd more the merrier
Hurry all, lest we all get left out.
Lets do that Inez and
Get back to our Kitchen
The way to a man's heart
is the woman food and her kitchen
So lets get busy in improving
Our culinary skills
and put an end to their Cricketing skills


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