Creative ADD on

Anu if the wheels are turning around
Hurry dont let it stop
for if you do
This thread will stop
And no more wheels turning around

T'was birthday time
so Anu forgot
that her wheels were turning around
Enough of cake and wine
Music and dancing - and
Come back to this thread

That is what is left to do
You and me enjoy this thread
With a bottle if Fizz
And corn on the cob
I am continuing on this thread

Seems all are asleep
Or lazing on the bed
As its sunday afternoon - and
to early to play
on this thread.
So, early did I wake the
dead from sleep or the lazy
You sound so sad and dejected
You are home sick
so get back to base
And bring the smile back on your face.

We'll take it from there
As there is too many mixers happening
On Nukkad these days
Too much of wine and dine
And all people's a knockout
the next day!


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