To Him

I remember the first time I met you
I never thought you'd be the one
Who'd take my heart away
I even thought you were bad & strange
But seems I've been wrong anyway

Then my feelings grew for you
I liked you, I did’nt even know why
Maybe because you're sweet
You knew how to care about me
When I was feeling lonely
You were there to let me feel your warmth

You knew what to say
When I was troubled and confused
you were able to see me
through my letters and
You wrote such sweet letters to me.

Now I loved you
And this feeling became deeper than I imagined
I wanted to tell you how much I love you
How much I care for you, how much I need you
But alas it was too late,
For your heart was already tied to hers

If, I was brave enough that time
to tell you all these before you met her
would something have changed?
Would you have loved me?
in just the way I love you.

But it was just another heartbreak? :)


Aaarti said…
Sighh.. sweet as always, so filled with emotions.... :)

Chk this out lady

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