I write

May your FROWN emerge into a sweet SMILE
may you see better days than these
may all your dreams come true
may you see that at theend of the tunnel the
re is a big bright light
every dark cloud has surely a silver lining
and every bad day has its end
I write

The streets are crowded
and hawkers everywhere
There's dust and smoke in the air
as the men smoke their cigrattes away
I am suffocated as
I walk downthese busy streets
I take a breath and
I write

Children playing the garden and
yelling everywhere
Women sit by the benches
and its gossip there

A lonely child comes upto me and
asked me what do you write


I just smiled at him and
I write

I looked at the innocence in his eyes
he seemed so lost in this world
I asked him from where he came from
he smiled at me and
saidI dont know।
He took the pen from my hand
and said to me
I also would like toWrite


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