Love around Technology

Love in the age of Technology

On Parish Island off the cost of Virginia there is a company called Blue Chip. This company deals in all software and hardware and all things related to computers.

Several hundred of people work here. Among them is a software engineer Rohit, who iss very tall dark and handsome and about 30 years of age. He works in this company and was a very good worker. He does not talk much but is the idol for all the women that worked for Blue Chip.

Anna, was also a software engineering who has recently joined the company, she has come from Bangalore in India. She is a very friendly young lady. Since she was new she was taken around and was introduced to all the staff by her Manager.

Anna was introduced to Rohit as they were to make team and work together on a given project. She found him to be a very cool calm person. He spoke very less and worked very hard. Anna noticed that he rarely spoke to her unless required. It was one of those days when they had to work late. Anna was tired of constantly sitting at the computer so she wanted to take a break, she was hesitant to ask Rohit if he would like to join her, but she dared to ask him. Rohit agreed and so they both went down to the cafeteria to have some coffee and a short break.

Anna being the talkative one decided to break the silence, and so she asked him from where he was and how long he was working for Blue Chip. Rohit told her that he was actually from Delhi but was based here in Virginia for over a decade that his family too had settled here. Rohit then asked Anna about her, she told him that she was on a short term of three months and would go back to Bangalore after the project was over.

It was very late by the time they finished work for the day. Anna had to take a cab, but Rohit was driving his own car. Anna was hoping that Rohit would ask her to be dropped home, but he just said goodnight and left. Anna found him to be a very strange man, yet there was something about him that she liked.

Next day, was another day at work, too much to do and very little time. Time was running out they had only 15 days to finish the project. Almost every day they had to stay late and finish of the days work. There was many a time when she never knew certain things and Rohit would come to her aid.

The project was over and was time for Anna to leave. The entire office got together to bid Anna a farewell, but Rohit was missing. Anna looked a bit upset that he was not there, she asked around but no one knew where he was. Anna got into the taxi and went to the airport. When she reached the airport and was about to get off the taxi, she thought she saw Rohit, and so looked again and yes he was there standing and smiling at her. She did not how to react, but was happy in her heart that he had come to see her off. She wanted to ask him why he was not there at the farewell, but time was little and she had to check in. She found it very strange that he came to see her off. He waited at the counter while she checked in her baggage and picked her boarding pass. When she turned to look at him, she found him staring at her. She felt a bit uncomfortable, but did not show it.

Funny but they did not talk much – when suddenly it seemed they both spoke at the same time – he asked her if she would ever come back to Virginia, she told yes if she was given that opportunity. Then she heard her name being called to board the aircraft. She was about to say bye to him, when he brought his hand and gave her a small gift. He barely hugged her and let her go. She was dumfounded, there was something that they both wanted to say but could not at that moment, he waved to her as she went in.

Back in Bangalore, and at work, she could not concentrate that day at work. She turned her computer on and was checking her emails and the first mail was from Rohit. She was so excited that she opened to read what was written. All that Rohit said was that he missed her presence back here in the office and a friend to talk too. She was touched. They kept in touch through emails and chat and yeah must tell you the little gift that Rohit had given her was a lovely high tech mobile with all the latest accessories and a roaming one. They would speak for hours together. Nearly after six months of chatting, emails they realized that they were falling in love, but they were so far away and yet felt near when they were on chat, emails or on the mobile talking. Rohit had taught her so much in her field that she was an expert.

The next day as usual she was at work, but saw no emails from him not did he come online to chat with her, she even looked at the mobile and found that there was no missed calls too. She was kind of worried, and waited the whole morning. Luckily that day there was not much too, but she was worried and as the afternoon came she decide to call him, due to the time difference, she waited for noon to come. She dialed his number and when it got connected the voice on the other end said that this number is no longer working and has been disconnected. She was not very worried and it showed on her face. He colleagues too knew about her chat and email friend. They were also worried. She could not call the office as it was a holiday there. She was in tears now. It was 6 ‘o’clock and time to go home. All her friends were getting ready to go, she did not know what to do, she kept looking at her computer and hoping she was would see him on line or receive any message from him. She took her bag and was about to leave when the watchman said that there was someone to see her. She was taken back as she was’nt expecting anyone at that time, she asked her colleague if they had made any appointment for her, they too said no. Anyway she asked to watchman to make him sit in the meeting room and that she would be there in a minute. She kept her bag back on her desk and took her note pad and pen and went to see the visitor.

When she reached the meeting room., she could not say anything , she was shocked and wanted to scream with joy. It was Rohit . He had a big bunch of flowers for her. He had come to see her. She just went into his arms little realizing that all the staff were watching her. Suddenly it hit her; it was her birthday and he had come especially to wish her. She introduced him to all her friends and together they left the office. She told him how anxious he had made her by not calling her or writing to her. She told him how worried she was. He just smile at her and said that he wanted to surprise her. This was the best birthday gift that she had received for her birthday. Rohit was her life now, for they both planned to get married and she would fly back with to Virginia.


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