Am I dying in his Silence

Silence is a sure killer

For your silence kills

Kills me slowly and softly

Your silence is like a song

Sung silently but killing me at the same time.

I hear a song in the quiet of the room

and in the still of the air

A song of our love

A song of our life

Every word in it

Has so much meaning and pain

I hear you singing that song

So soulfully, but hurting me at the same.

In silence I bear the pain

As Life goes by

The colorful past seems all over

A new day is born

And a new life has begun

Sometimes I crave to just

A hear a few words from you

But you just seem to ignore me

And pretend like I was not there

Like a few drops of water

that quench my thirst

So do I miss a few words from you.

Yes, I miss you

For your silence is killing

And I am waiting

For a few words

To show me a sunny day

Or even a rainbow in the sky.


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