The Desert Life

From my window I see the big desert,

That seems so quite, then all of a sudden

I hear a hissing and swooshing sound

The desert sand blows across my window

Blowing sand all over and making the air thick with dust.

In a distant I see a camel walk by

not bothered of the blowing sand

for he is used to it, living in the desert.

I decide to take a walk across the desert

As it seems so welcoming

With the sand dunes all around

The sand seems to flow like a river,

My feet sink into the sand,

Leaving big footprints,

But when I turn back I see no foot prints in the sand

For it’s gone with the wind.

I see a caravan approaching,

I stand by to watch them

When they see me they give me a smile

Their camels are laden with goods to be traded

Across the borders that join the deserts and the cities.

As I walk further I spot an Oasis and see Camels

quenching their thirst from it

Tents are pitched and there are some families

Sitting besides the oasis, and chatting,

smoking the Hukka and sipping Kava (Black Arabic coffee)

Two little children playing in the sand

They seemed so calm and relaxed

As it was getting late, I headed back.

And realize that this is life in the Desert.


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