Monday, February 8, 2010

A Morning View

This morning at 5 am

While I sat in my garden

And read the morning newspaper

I watched two Parrots’s perched on

A drumstick tree,

Swaying on the branches, chirping away

And enjoying, the fruit of the tree.

Below the tree stood two little kittens

Dreaming of attacking the birds

Little do they know that should they even

Dare to go close to them they would be attacked

For, their beaks are sharp and a piece of

flesh they could lose in the bargain.

Then came the mother cat out of no where

And jumped on the branch,

To try to reach for the Parrots’

Alas she fell with a thud and the birds

Flew away!

Leaving the the cat and her kittens staring in dismay!

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Yes, probably so it is